My Brazilian butt lift transformation with Dr. Ar-SLAY-nian

By Brian Arslanian, MD

Brazilian butt liftOnce I got into my 30s, it was as if my figure exited stage left. I had gotten to the point where my clothing, especially my dresses, were no longer flattering and I felt most comfortable in my sweats. I decided I wanted to do something beyond just the exercising I’d been doing because although I’ve been able to slim down, my stomach wasn’t slimming down as fast as the rest of my body would; it was stubborn and holding on for dear life. I made the determination that I’d do the BBL.

During my research, I found Dr. A. I saw his credentials and his work, they both were IMPECCABLE. Not only is he double board certified but he’s attended some of the top schools. I talked to him about what I wanted to achieve and he let me know what we could accomplish. I hadn’t ever had a surgical procedure before and was frightened at the thought of being put to sleep but he and his coordinator Megan assured me that I would be ok, and indeed I was. Dr. A and his staff are extremely nice and attentive.

His coordinator Megan is the absolute BEST, I love her, she has gone above and beyond for me from the very beginning. Heather is also a sweetheart, her beautiful accent will just warm your soul when you speak to her. I’m still in my recovery stage and I’m looking FANTASTIC!!!!! With me looking this good already, I can’t wait to see what I look like once I’m fully healed.

I definitely made the right choice by going to Dr. A. I now refer to him as Dr. ArSLAYnian because he was SLAY your figure ladies and have your waist snatched!!!!

– NK

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