As parents, we want the best for our children. The ears function as an anchor point of our overall facial harmony. Helping them avoid a future of bullying regarding their ears. An EarWell device is a simple implement applied around the ear. EarWell ear repair is a nonsurgical solution to reshaping your child’s ears. Children can be born with ear deformities but there is no need to worry.

At Arslanian Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver our patients with incredible results! We approach our treatments from both a cosmetic and functional point of view. Our level of care and attention to detail ensures beautiful, natural results. Dr. Arslanian is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience providing safe, healthy results. He will care for your child and provide his professional advice on whether an EarWell device will give your child their best results. Your infant will be treated with a professional attitude and caring spirit at Arslanian Plastic Surgery.

Many times the ear(s) will correct as the child grows, however, some abnormalities will worsen with age. It is impossible to predict what will happen as your infant’s ears develop. If your child is born with a deformity in their ear’s external tissue, an EarWell device may help improve the appearance significantly.

What is an EarWell Device?

EarWell is a non-surgical Ear Correction System that will correct infant ear deformities. This procedure is not meant for adults but for young infants who have misshapen ears. The device will work to improve the ear shape so as to improve the child’s appearance.

This treatment is recommended before the child turns six weeks old. When a child is born, it common for them to have an excess amount of estrogen. Estrogen increases the flexibility and moldability of cartilage. By the sixth week, the infant’s hormone levels should become balanced out and non-invasive treatments like the EarWell device will not be able to help correct distortion. At this point, the ears will need to be allowed to develop on their own without surgical intervention.

Until the child is older, no surgical treatment can be done to correct the ears. Although these deformities can cause the ears to appear misshapen and aesthetically displeasing, they are fairly correctable at a young age. If you suspect your child’s ear to be deformed, don’t hesitate. Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon near you.

Why Choose EarWell?

Traditional ear corrective surgeries are invasive and may not be recommended for younger patients. One of the greatest advantages to the EarWell device is that provides results non-invasively. Ear deformity doesn’t have to have a scary or invasive solution, EarWell will gradually correct the ears to their natural shape.

EarWell is a pain-free solution to molding the soft tissue and cartilage of the ear. This treatment can take as little as fourteen days to reshape the external cartilage.

Candidates for EarWell

There are many advantages to choosing an EarWell device over a surgical procedure. The EarWell device is suitable for children as young as three days old and causes no pain. The EarWell infant ear correction system is made to improve the outer, exterior ear tissue. EarWell cannot help correct severe deformities such as cryptotia (when the ear is not separate from the head) or microtia (when the external ear is not developed).

This device has been very successful and consistently corrects the majority of ear abnormalities. Even if EarWell is unable to correct ear deformities, the majority of irregularities can be improved with surgery once the child hits the age of five.

There are many forms of external ear deformity to look for in your infant’s ears. These deformities include:

  • Helical Rim: This irregularity occurs along the upper, outside fold of the ear. This deformity appears as a fold.
  • Prominent Ear: As mentioned above, this is when the ears stick out from the head and protrude outwards. The ears can be brought closer to the head with the EarWell device.
  • Conchal Crus: This deformity is caused by the division of the concha. The ear will have a fold that appears to separate into two sections of top and bottom.
  • Cup Ear: This also occurs along the helical rim and may include the scapha. The upper ear will have excess tissue that folds over to create a long rim of the upper ear.
  • Stahl’s Ear: This irregularity is often referred to as an “elf ear”. The upper ear will be flat without any rim or light fold along the edge.
  • Lidding: The upper part of the ear, the helical rim, will be folded over.

If you or your doctor suspect your child has any of these deformities, your child may be an ideal candidate for an EarWell device. We suggest you consult with Dr. Arslanian to schedule a personal consultation and discuss whether or not an EarWell device will correct the issue.

Dr. Arslanian, Atlanta’s Top-Ranked Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

In your personal meeting with Dr. Brian Arslanian, he will ask you about your concerns and examine your infant’s ears. If the EarWell device will not improve the ears he will suggest an alternative procedure that will help improve the aesthetic and function of your child’s ears.

If the EarWell device is determined to be a good option for your child, Dr. Arslanian will explain the EarWell device, how it functions and how long it will take to improve the ear structure.

Follow-up appointments every few days will help him ensure it is improving your child’s ear(s).

EarWell Treatment Details

The EarWell device will not hurt your infant. The device is secured around the ears with an adhesive and will look similar to earmuffs. The device has thick plastic around the edges to help mold the ears.

The device will not interfere with breastfeeding and should allow your child to rest without discomfort.

An EarWell device will not interfere with your child’s hearing. The device has a thin, perforated layer of plastic that lays over the ear. You will need to be careful not to get the device(s) wet as this will interfere with the adhesive.

Follow-up appointments will help Dr. Arslanian ensure the device is secure and is effectively correcting your child’s ear deformity. These check-ups will also help Dr. Arslanian know when the ears are improved and the devices can be removed.


By the end of the treatment period, the ears should be sculpted to a normal shape. The results should be long-lasting, particularly if the ears are sculpted prior to the infant’s hormone levels balance out. By correcting the ears before estrogen levels have decreased, the ears will be sculpted and solidify into their new shape.

Alternative Ear Correction Procedures

There are many procedures performed today to correct deformed or protruding ears.

An Otoplasty is a common ear operation performed on both children and adults who have ears that stick out. More involved ear surgeries implement ear pinning to bring the ears closer to the head. General or local anesthesia is typically administered along with a sedative in this procedure.

With the otoplasty, the ears will be pinned back, allowing the surgeon to restructure the ear and bring the cartilage in closer to the skull. Incisions will be hidden behind the ear in the natural curvature of the cartilage. The ears will be bandaged and pain medication will control any discomfort. Bandages are taken off after a couple of days and the surgeon will let the patient know when to return to physical activities.

The details of this procedure will vary based on the age and presenting issues of the patient.

An otoplasty is generally inappropriate for newborns but may be performed on children as young as five. However, surgery can be avoided if the deformity is recognized early on and EarWell devices are applied. If the deformity is not severe, cosmetic intervention should be able to provide your child with natural results!

Cost of Earwell

The cost of an EarWell device varies depending on the patient. For an exact cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arslanian today at (678) 894-9200.

FAQs about EarWell

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the EarWell product or ear deformities.

What is lop ear deformity?

Lop ear deformity is an extreme version of lidding. This abnormality will appear at the top of the ear. The ear will have excess tissue that will be folded over almost half of the ear. This ear deformity can be corrected with an EarWell device if caught early enough.

What causes ear deformity in babies?

Ear deformities in babies may be caused by many different factors. Some factors include genetics while others are present from birth and are due to developmental issues. Developmental issues may be caused by the baby’s position in the uterus or during birth. These deformities form as the child grows and the ear unfolds. However, there are many solutions available to correct the ear’s shape.