Volume throughout the face tends to decrease over time due to aging. Men and women often feel as though this loss in volume leaves them looking tired and less youthful. A facial fat transfer provides the ability to reduce signs of aging by removing unwanted fat from a designated area and injecting it into the face to give it a fuller, softer look.

Dr. Arslanian has developed his own advanced techniques throughout his years of performing this procedure to provide you with the rejuvenated look you’ve been desiring. Request a consultation today and get started on the track to the new you!

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

A facial fat transfer, otherwise known as facial fat grafting, is a procedure designed to remove fat cells from a part of the body and inject them into areas of the face that have lost volume over time. With age, collagen and fat in certain areas of the face begin to decrease and leave these parts looking hollow or sunken in. Most people want to correct this because it can add years to their appearance. Not only is the face rejuvenated and more youthful, but this procedure has the added perk of removing unwanted fat from areas on the body such as the abdomen or thighs.

Liposuction is used to remove the excess fat. This procedure uses a suctioning technique to rid the particular body part of the fat cells. Liposuction can be performed on most parts of the body; most commonly, fat deposits tend to collect and reside on the lower backs, abdomen, love handles, and thighs. Liposuction is the only effective way to remove fat from the body after exercise and diet have not provided desired results. Dr. Arslanian has perfected his fat removal and fat transfer techniques to help remove small portions of fat and use it to fill areas on the face that are lacking in volume.


There are many positive outcomes from undergoing facial fat transfer. Patients who have chosen this procedure have a more youthful appearance due to the reduction of lines and wrinkles, as well as the filling of sunken eyelids, hollowed temples, or flattened cheekbones. This procedure can also be used to add natural-looking volume to thin lips or sculpt the jawline for improved definition and contour.

Facial fat grafting provides two benefits in one procedure by not only removing fat from unwanted areas but also injecting it back into the body where it is more appropriate. This results in gorgeous volume where desired and slimming where volume is not desired. This advanced procedure reestablishes facial harmony and boosts men and women’s confidence.

Fat Transfer vs Injectable Fillers

Facial fat transfer is fantastic for those who are looking to add volume to their face but do not want to inject synthetic materials into the body. Because it is the person’s own fat, this procedure is a completely natural way to treat signs of facial aging. And because you are transferring one’s own fat to another region on the body, the results last much longer than dermal fillers. With dermal fillers, the body is not always so accepting of the foreign product that is being injected into the body; but with fat transfer, the cells can be kept for long-lasting benefits.

Ideal Candidate

Healthy women and men who are unsatisfied with the way their face looks due to aging or significant loss of volume should consider this treatment.

Those looking into this procedure must have an area on the body with an adequate amount of excess fat that can be safely removed. Patients who enquire about this procedure should be nonsmokers, maintain a healthy exercise and diet regime, and have reasonable expectations for the outcomes. Dr. Arslanian can discuss all appropriate options during the initial consultation and determine what would be the best choice for the particular case. Someone who does not want to undergo a surgical procedure can look into dermal fillers in order to receive a more youthful, voluminous look.


The consultation with Dr. Arslanian is a time to discuss dislikes, expectations, and ultimate aesthetic goals. The doctor will go over medical history, any health concerns, and (if applicable) pre-existing conditions he/she might have. The doctor will then perform a physical examination in order to fully determine candidacy. If a facial fat transfer is right for their particular concerns, the last step is to review with the doctor the procedure in its entirety and understand the risks and possible outcomes.

Because the doctor will be going over important medical information, it is advised to please have any information pertaining to this readily available so that he can make the consultation as efficient and effective as possible for the patient’s convenience. Before leaving the office, Dr. Arslanian and our knowledgeable staff will provide preparation instructions to follow prior to having the facial fat transfer to those who qualify.


Before undergoing a facial fat transfer, there are a few things that must be avoided for optimal recovery and overall health during and after the procedure. Patients who smoke will be asked to stop about 3 weeks before as well as after the surgery. Smoking slows down the body’s natural healing process, elongating the recovery time. It is recommended to maintain a healthy diet and exercise throughout the entire process of this procedure for the best results. Patients will need to coordinate a ride home for after the procedure as they will be unable to drive themselves home. More individualized instructions will be given on a case by case status. Any other questions or concerns regarding any preparation information, please feel free to contact the office and our knowledgeable staff can answer questions.

The Facial Fat Transfer Process

The first step of the facial fat transfer is to mark the area in which the fat will be removed, as well as the regions of the face that will be injected with the harvested fat cells. Once this is complete, the preparation for the actual surgery can begin.

Our trained and certified anesthesiologist will assist in administering the local anesthetic in order to ensure the patient feels no pain during the procedure.

Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from the determined area, as discussed during the consultation. The fat that has been removed is then purified by placing it into a centrifuge; preparing the fat to be redistributed to the specified areas on the face. The cleaned fat will then be placed into a special syringe for precise relocation. The doctor will then begin to administer the injections into the predetermined areas. This may be in the cheeks, under the eyes, in the temples, or in the lips.

Once the procedure is finished and the doctor is satisfied with the end results, a compression garment is wrapped around the liposuctioned area to help with swelling and bruising. The patient will be placed in the recovery room to be looked after until released to go home. Before leaving the facility, our medical staff will review all recovery instructions that will assist in receiving optimal results.


During the recovery stage, patients may experience discomfort for the first week or so after the facial fat transfer. A prescription for medication will be provided to the patient in order to reduce any pain and/or soreness. During recovery, it is completely normal to have swelling or bruising. The majority of these symptoms will subside after two to three weeks, at which point true contoured results can be seen. If advised by the doctor, patients can return to more strenuous activities after 3-4 weeks.

It is recommended to walk the night of the surgery to help with blood flow and reduce the chance of blood clots. It is important to stimulate proper circulation during this time to ensure a safe and timely recovery. During this time, if patients have any questions or concerns, we encourage them to call our office.

Provided Results

Our patients have been extremely satisfied with the results that Dr. Arslanian has provided them through this facial fat transfer procedure. The dramatic yet natural-looking results help soften the appearance of aging on the face and leaves the skin looking more vibrant and healthy. Wrinkles and fine lines that are reduced with this procedure help men and women to feel more revitalized and leave them with the confidence that maybe has been fading over time. It is important to note once again that this procedure is not a substitution for weight loss efforts like exercise. The facial fat transfer is strictly designed to use a minimal area of unwanted fat and repurpose it to another part of the body, this case being the face.

With Dr. Arslanian, patients receive the best care possible. His honesty, knowledge, and experience will ensure that his patients feel confident in him and the results he provides. If this procedure sounds like it could benefit a particular concern that has been discussed above, please call and set up a consultation. There is no better time than now to redefine your true beauty!