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Facial Fat Transfer

When our faces age, skin, and fat begin to sag and a more gaunt, less youthful appearance sets in. Sagging skin and fat can be improved significantly in the right candidate with a facelift. The gaunt appearance, however, is due to a loss of volume typically in the form of fat atrophy or loss.

A fat transfer, or facial fat grafting, can help complement a facelift and replace the lost fat. Restoring facial volume naturally with beautiful results can be achieved with a facial fat transfer. If you are considering a Facial Fat Transfer, come and see Dr. Brian Arslanian at Arslanian Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Arslanian is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and is ready to work with you. Find out how Dr. Arslanian can help elevate your appearance by enabling you to achieve your ideal body goals with a Facial Fat Transfer today.

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A Natural Solution

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat grafting is a remarkable procedure that makes use of excess fat cells to correct wrinkles and restore facial volume. You are your own best medicine with this procedure because your living cells will evoke a pure and glowing fullness to your features. Because an individual’s fatty tissue is used, the entire facial fat transfer procedure involves 3 in-depth steps. Firstly, the patient must undergo a light liposuction treatment, extracting any pockets of extra fat around the abdomen, jowls, thighs, and buttocks. Next, the extracted fat cells need to be isolated and purified. Once the fat cells have been cleansed, they are injected into the targeted areas on the face.

The goal of fat grafting is to provide a fuller and more youthful contour to the targeted areas.

What are the benefits of Facial Fat Transfer?

The many benefits of facial fat grafting can be long-lasting. The fat graft joins with cells at your graft site, eventually sharing the same blood supply. They become indistinguishable from one another. Some of the benefits of Facial Fat Grafting in Atlanta include:

  • Reduced facial creases, folds, wrinkles and depressions
  • Augment and enhance the lips and cheeks
  • No risk of rejection (because it’s your tissue)

Areas of the face that fat injections can be used on include but are not limited to:

  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines

To learn more about how facial fat grafting can benefit you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arslanian today.

Who are the best candidates Facial Fat Transfer?

Ideal candidates for facial fat transfer in Atlanta share similarities with the qualified cases for many other minor surgeries. They tend to be physically active non-smokers whose recovery will not be complicated by the effects of a heavy prescription medication regimen. 

The most ideal candidates include individuals who have a strong desire to rid the signs of aging from their face–whether it’s sunken areas, furrows, wrinkles, deep lines, or a combination of these features. 

Keep in mind that a facial fat transfer can also augment and volumize the lips. In certain scenarios, younger patients may even be eligible for a facial fat transfer. Of course, Dr. Arslanian is open to considering possible exceptions based on the totality of the circumstances.    

First Steps

What’s the first step?

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The first step to getting a facial fat transfer in Atlanta is to call us or contact us online to schedule a consultation. At your private consultation, Dr. Arslanian will conduct a brief physical examination and intake interview. He will qualify your candidacy for facial fat grafting and any other procedure he judges likely to enhance your quality of life. 

Contact us to schedule your appointment. Call (678) 894-9200 to speak with one of our helpful representatives. Some patients request Virtual Consultations so they can conduct their business remotely. 

 Before the day of your surgery, Dr Arslanian and his team will go over a list of prep instructions to ensure you arrive ready for the procedure. This list can include information about fasting or avoiding certain medications.

What to expect on the day of Facial Fat Transfer surgery

On the day of your surgery, Dr. Arslanian will walk you through his techniques and procedures as discussed in your consultation. He likes to make sure every patient is comfortable, and knowledgeable about all the steps so nothing is a surprise or discomforting in any way. 

To begin, anesthesia will be administered to make you comfortable and minimize any possibility of pain. 

One of the first steps in fat grating is the identification of donor locations. Common areas include the hips, thighs, buttocks, and tummy. We’ll mark and cleanse one or more of these locations and then remove fat using a liposuction cannula or low-pressure syringe.

We collect the fat and prepare it in a centrifuge, which removes water and purifies the injectable lipids. Next, we mark and cleanse the recipient sites and perform injection into these areas at varying depths. A brief massage of the area will help promote an even distribution of fat and smooth results. 

Once the procedure is complete, Dr Arslanian will place you in the capable hands of his expert medical team who will move you into a recovery area. 

Facial Fat Transfer recovery

After fat grafting, we apply dressings, tape, and compression garments as needed. A detailed massage program will be advised for your recovery period to ensure optimal results.

While some swelling and bruising are likely after the procedure, pain medication can help manage discomfort. Swelling and bruising should resolve after 2-3 weeks. Your body may naturally absorb some of the injected fat after the surgery; to compensate, we may recommend a touch-up treatment later on, or a slight overfilling of the treatment areas.

It may take several months for your fat grafting procedure to fully heal, depending on how much liposuction Dr. Arslanian performed. It is important to care for your face after a fat transfer surgery. Sleep with your head elevated for approximately three to five days. Antibiotic ointment will minimize the risk of infection at the injection site.

Facial Fat Transfer Cost

How much does Facial Fat Transfer cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of Facial Fat Transfer in Atlanta will vary based on the treatment areas, and your individual goals. Every patient is a custom case. Dr. Arslanian can quote you an accurate cost at your private consultation. If you’re interested in fat grafting, we encourage you to visit our Atlanta-area plastic surgery offices. Our kind, responsive, and respectful staff will treat you like a family member or a friend, while plastic surgeon Dr. Arslanian provides the highest quality care.

Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta
Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta

Why choose Arslanian Plastic Surgery?

When you come to Arslanian Plastic Surgery for a Facial Fat Transfer procedure, you will be in good hands with Dr. Arslanian and his team. Dr. Arslanian obtained his medical degree from the University at Buffalo and then went on to complete a rigorous training program in General Surgery at one of the prestigious Harvard Hospitals: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. During his residency he discovered his passion for plastic surgery: both cosmetic and reconstructive. He then completed another 3 years of specialized training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, an epicenter for plastic surgery in the United States. 

As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has launched and grown his practice into a busy mix of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to help patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area. Dr. Arslanian’s goal for every patient is to create a beautiful, natural look, using the safest techniques he has learned.


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