“My initial goal for every patient is to create a beautiful, natural look, using the safest techniques I have learned…..the rest is the icing on the cake!” – Brian Arslanian, MD, FACS


As the son of working class immigrants, Dr. Arslanian grew up knowing the meaning of hard work, commitment, and following your dreams.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from SUNY Geneseo College, he obtained his medical degree from the University at Buffalo. He completed one of the most rigorous training programs in General Surgery at one of the prestigious Harvard Hospitals: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. During his residency he discovered his passion for plastic surgery: both cosmetic and reconstructive. He then made the decision to perform another 3 years of specialized training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, an epicenter for plastic surgery in the United States.

After graduating, Dr. Arslanian decided that he wanted to create something special so he made a decision to create his own practice. By doing this, he knew he would be able to provide his patients with excellent patient care, without being constrained by the limitations of hospitals, employers and large speciality groups. Now as a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has grown his practice into a busy mix of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to help patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area.

As much time as Dr. Arslanian spends in the office, he still manages to enjoy his weekends with his wife and two kids in Atlanta. He is a diet and exercise enthusiast, and loves woodworking and furniture making in his spare time.

We welcome you to come meet Dr. Arslanian and see for yourself what kind of physician he truly is.


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