A brow lift is a surgical procedure that does just that — raises the level of your eyebrows. This is designed to give a more youthful look by correcting brows that may have drooped. It can also correct horizontal lines or furrows that can make you look tired, angry, stern, or sad when you are none of the above.

Our eyebrows and eyelids typically interact with each other, creating harmony in your upper face, but as we age, the muscles and tissue that operate these areas may stop working properly. The natural aging process also may produce skin folds and other unwanted features. This procedure is perfect for anyone who is concerned about appearing a certain way because of their brows and forehead. It can also reverse some of the effects of aging.

What is a Brow Lift?

Your eyebrows affect the look of your entire face. Despite how young you may feel, if your forehead hangs low and has deep creases, in addition to sagging brows and eyelids, chances are you probably have a more advanced appearance than you’d like. Anyone who is unhappy with how their forehead and eyebrow area looks may consider brow lift surgery for a more youthful appearance.

The brow lift surgery aims to correct these advanced signs of aging as well as correct any unintended expressions. There are a few different techniques for the procedure, and which is used will be dependent on your circumstances.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to raise the level of the eyebrows. The eyebrows and eyelids interact with each other and create the harmony of the upper face. A low set brow can make a person appear to be upset, stern and tired. A brow that is TOO high can make one appear to be surprised.

The brow lift is also a very tricky procedure. If they droop low, you will appear tired, sad, or even angry. But if they are too high, you will look surprised. That’s why you need an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Arslanian to get the procedure right, putting your brows in the perfect place.


The goal of a brow lift procedure is to give you a younger, more pleasant appearance. The surgery can help reverse the effects of aging and get rid of facial expressions that you don’t intend to be making. You’ll have a more attractive, happier look, that can have the added benefit of boosting your self-confidence as well.

Types of Brow Lift

There are three main types of brow lift procedures: traditional, endoscopic, and transpalpebral browpexy. Which is used will depend on several factors, including your facial structure and what issues you wish to address with the procedure. Dr. Arslanian will decide which procedure is best for your needs during your consultation.


The traditional technique involves a coronal incision which is one that goes across the top of the head from ear to ear. The great thing is that the incision is well hidden and the technique can be very powerful in terms of creating a nice lift. This is great in patients that have a normal low hairline with no evidence of premature balding.


This is a great technique that allows for lifting of the brow but through multiple smaller incisions hidden in the hairline. A camera is used to visualize the important structures and perform the lift without having to make a larger incision.


This technique is done using an upper eyelid incision and in conjunction with an upper eyelid lift. Dr. Arslanian is able to access the brow area through the incision in the upper eyelid and then secure the brow into a higher position. The technique is not as powerful as the other techniques but is advantageous as it requires no additional incisions.

Good Candidates for Surgery

Picking the right candidate does require some experience. Some patients may benefit from an eyelid lift by itself, but the classic mistake is not to treat the underlying problem which is the low set brow. Performing just an eyelid lift in someone with a low set brow can actually worsen the problem.

Patients with a low set brow and excess skin of the upper eyelid may be great candidates for a combined procedure. Those with very deep forehead wrinkles or frown lines may also benefit if botox and fillers can no longer do the trick. Patients may be chronic Botox users that are continuously trying to get a “chemical browlift” but are getting less and fewer results. At this point, only a surgical correction can give the desired outcome.

A brow lift can help correct saggy or droopy upper eyelids, furrowed eyebrows, frown lines, deep forehead creases, and even an undesirable hairline.

Candidates for surgery will need to be in good overall health and be without conditions that put them at risk for complications during and after surgery. Make sure you disclose any pre-existing conditions with Dr. Arslanian during your consultation so he can take the proper precautions during the procedure.


During your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Arslanian and his staff and have the opportunity to discuss your situation as well as your concerns and aesthetic goals. Dr. Arslanian will take a detailed history and perform a complete examination of your face, eyes, and brow. Photos will be taken to help Dr. Arslanian point out certain things and explain his approach to browlift. If you are deemed a good candidate, he will discuss the various options for browlift and make sure you are happy with your decision.

He will also show you photos of other patients before and after photos to help determine what you are looking to achieve. After answering all your questions, you will then sit down with the surgical coordinator to discuss timing, pricing, and any other questions you might have.

If you are found to be a good candidate, Dr. Arslanian will help choose the best option for you and show you before-and-after photos of other patients to help you make a decision. At this point, you can ask any questions, and then set up a plan for your surgery.


To get the results you want from the surgery, you should make sure you take any preoperative instructions very seriously. These help you achieve your intended goals as well as putting you in the best position to avoid any side effects.

Some rules to follow for a brow lift include stopping smoking long before your surgery date, as well as ceasing any medications that were pointed out in your consultation as being potential risks of surgery or anesthesia. It’s also best to avoid anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or Advil, that can increase your risk of excessive bleeding. If you have a question regarding anything you are currently taking, make sure to ask Dr. Arslanian during your consultation.

Brow Lift Procedure

To give you the most comfortable experience as possible during surgery, you will be put under local anesthesia and sedation during your procedure. Sometimes, general anesthesia is used as well. During the surgery, Dr. Arslanian will make the appropriate incisions, remove the excess skin, tissue, and fat from the area, then sew the incisions shut with dissolvable sutures. The entire surgery should only take one-to-two hours, depending on which technique you choose.

Recovery & Results

You will go home the same day of surgery and rest. You will be given pain medicine to help with the first week. You will likely have some bruising and swelling that lasts for a couple of weeks. Stitches or staples would be removed at 7-10 days. Patients will often wear a bandage overnight to protect the area, and Dr. Arslanian will give you instructions on how to care for the area during your recovery, including oral and topical medications.

Your main instructions for recovery will be to rest, and you will be given a prescription for pain relievers to help you recover during the first week or two. There will likely be bruising and swelling during this time, perhaps lasting for up to two weeks. Patients may also experience headaches, as well as some drainage around the incision sites. The sutures should dissolve within a few weeks. However, patients can expect their results to be immediate. The brows may be overly high initially to compensate for the fact that they will typically fall a small amount after surgery.

This may occur over the course of a few days or a few weeks. You will have follow-ups with Dr. Arslanian to check up on your healing process and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Typically, you can return to your normal activity after the initial couple weeks. However, the cosmetic results of the surgery should be evident pretty much immediately. The more long-term outcome will become clearer as the patient’s face completes its healing process, and will be visible in its entirety within the ensuing several months.

Results from a brow lift may vary but will be immediate. As your face heals, you’ll get a better picture of the more long-term outcome.

How long your results last depends on which technique is used, but they should last for many years regardless of the technique chosen. Endoscopic brow lifts typically last five to seven years; open lifts usually last longer — up to 10 years.

If you notice your brows are too high right after the surgery, don’t be alarmed, this is normal. The brows are set higher than their intended location because they will typically fall a little after the swelling goes down and the face adjusts to its new setting. The settling process may only take a few days but could take weeks.


The price of a brow lift procedure will depend on the extent of the patient’s condition and whether or not they will require any additional procedures to achieve their desired results. Please schedule a consultation to get a customized quote. Dr. Arslanian and his team will give you an estimate during your consultation.

Financing may be available for some patients to help you with the up-front costs. If you’d like to learn more about the brow lift procedure or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 678-894-9200 or fill out the consultation request form online.