Many people often think of plastic surgeons in terms of the cosmetic surgery they perform. While cosmetic surgery is certainly a part of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery is the foundation upon which everything else is formed. Dr. Arslanian has received excellent training in all aspects of reconstructive surgery, and enjoys the rewards of truly being able to take a complex problem and fix it. These can be some of the most rewarding procedures for a plastic surgeon, as you can really change someone’s life. Many plastic surgeons often shy away from these types of procedures and prefer to focus on an exclusive cosmetic practice. Dr. Arslanian embraces the reconstructive aspect of plastic surgery because of its complexity, its rewards, and the fact that it really makes you a better doctor and a better person.

Whether its a scar you have been bothered with your whole life, or a skin cancer that needs to be removed and then repaired, or a child born with a cleft lip, or a patient that needs reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer, Dr. Arslanian has the tools and the drive to do whatever it takes to get you the best result possible.