In recent years, more men are seeking cosmetic procedures to enhance their masculine physiques and help them achieve the figure they desire.

Men who have lost a significant amount of weight—whether it be through diet and exercise or through a weight loss procedure—often seek a Tummy Tuck procedure to remove sagging skin around the abdomen. The tummy tuck, also known as the abdominoplasty, results in a flatter, tighter abdomen. Through this procedure, men can transform their appearance and achieve heightened confidence and a better self-image.

As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has the skill and precision needed to help his male patients attain their desired results. To learn more about this procedure, please contact our office today and schedule a private consultation.

What is the Male Tummy Tuck?

Just as with any cosmetic surgery, the male tummy tuck is tailored to the person getting the procedure. But looking at it from an even broader perspective, the male tummy tuck will seek to accomplish different goals than that of the female tummy tuck. Male abdominoplasty does not seek to address the female curves but, rather, addresses the excess skin that may have resulted from recent weight loss while tightening abdominal muscles that have been stretched or separated from excess weight. The goal is a firmer, flatter abdomen. Contouring the abdomen can sometimes result in a narrower waist as well, lending a more athletic look to the body. Keep in mind that if the belly button gets distorted during the procedure, it may have to be repositioned.

Why Men Get Tummy Tucks

Increasing numbers of men are getting tummy tucks because the stigma surrounding male plastic surgery has significantly lessened. More and more men are also choosing gastric bypass or lap band surgeries. Medically assisted weight loss and sometimes rapid natural weight loss can lead to excess sagging skin in the lower stomach that needs to be removed. This excess skin can make many men self-conscious to the point of interfering with their quality of life. It can also hinder exercise and other daily activities. In some cases, Dr. Arslanian might also recommend liposuction to be used in conjunction with the tummy tuck to further enhance the contouring effect.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for a male tummy tuck will be someone who is within five pounds of his goal weight. Being at a stable weight, having realistic expectations, and maintaining good health are all characteristics Dr. Arslanian likes to see in his male abdominoplasty candidates. These men may have recently lost a significant amount of weight and are seeking to rid themselves of hanging abdominal skin to sculpt and tighten this region, and possibly to reduce the circumference of their waists.

For those who have large amounts of intra-abdominal fat, Dr. Arslanian is more likely to suggest a healthier diet and exercise prior to seeking abdominoplasty. Even when the person ultimately becomes a good candidate, however, Dr. Arslanian might suggest adding something like liposuction to assist in getting the contoured abdominal region he desires. These candidates should be well aware of the fact that male tummy tucks are more for sculpting and not for weight loss. Ideally, you’ll be done with your weight loss journey but Dr. Arslanian can help you to determine during your consultation whether now would be the time for male abdominoplasty.


The consultation is such a key component in the pursuit of any procedure like this, as it helps you get on the same page as your surgeon.

During your private consultation, you will share your goals and concerns with Dr. Arslanian. Then, he will do a thorough review of your medical history, including any past procedures and current medications. He will also an evaluation to determine if the issue is excess fat, excess skin, or a combination of both. In doing so, he’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure. He might also suggest liposuction, as this addition is common and is used to ensure the best contouring possible in the abdominal region. If it’s determined that male abdominoplasty is the proper procedure to address your concerns, Dr. Arslanian will develop a custom treatment plan.


Once your consultation has taken place and your male tummy tuck procedure has been scheduled, you’ll receive a fairly detailed list of instructions you’ll need to get yourself ready. What’s included on this list is very similar to what you’d be asked to do in advance of any surgery, such as:

  • Quit smoking six weeks prior to surgery
  • Get a lab test to ensure good health
  • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin and herbal supplements) about two weeks prior to surgery, as these can lead to excessive bleeding or bruising.
  • Take any medications advised by Dr. Arslanian and/or adjust your current medications based on his recommendations

Depending on the extent of your male tummy tuck surgery, you’ll either stay at the hospital or have it done on an outpatient basis. If you are doing it on an outpatient basis—which is typically how it is performed—you need to arrange for someone to pick you up from surgery, as you won’t be able to drive. You should also ask this or another person to stay with you for at least one night after the procedure.

You should also make sure you and your home are prepared for your recovery period, so make sure you pick up any pain or other medications you’ll need during this time. Keep these where you can easily access them. It’s a good idea to stock your refrigerator and get any other necessary errands done so you can leave the next couple of weeks to ensuring a successful recovery.

Male Tummy Tuck Procedure

The procedure is virtually the same for men as for women. The main difference is that men typically have less stretching and opening of the rectus abdominal muscle, which often happens when women carry children during pregnancy. And, as opposed to trying to achieve an hourglass figure, the goal with the male tummy tuck is to attain a more square and athletic waist.

The entire procedure will typically take about three hours. The first thing that will happen is that the patient will be put under using general anesthesia. Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Arslanian will start the procedure. What happens next depends on whether liposuction has been decided upon to achieve the best results. If so, this will happen prior to the excess skin removal. Dr. Arslanian will make tiny incisions around the region that holds the localized fat. A cannula will be inserted, which uses high power suction to remove fat cells from the patient’s body. This aids in the contouring process to the abdominal area.

At this point, Dr. Arslanian will make a low incision from hip to hip. This is when he tightens the abdominal muscles and rejoins any that have become separated so, in essence, this is the actual male tummy tuck procedure. Once these muscles have been tightened, the excess stomach and flank skin is removed.

Drains may be inserted before Dr. Arslanian closes the incisions in order to capture any surgical fluid that is left behind. Once the incisions are closed, a compression garment will be placed around the abdomen to reduce swelling, prevent blood clots, and aid in healing.


You will likely be sent home to recover as opposed to an overnight stay but not before going to the surgery recovery area for nurse monitoring for 2-3 hours. You’ll go home with specific at-home after-care instructions. You should follow them closely to ensure a seamless recovery.

You should walk as soon as you feel comfortable, and encourage you to do so before the evening of the surgery ends. This will help to increase circulation and reduce the risk of blood clotting. You should be diligent about wearing your compression garment for the first four weeks to reduce swelling and bruising.

You’ll be asked to return to Dr. Arslanian’s office after a few days for a post-op appointment, during which your drains will be removed. Dr. Arslanian will evaluate your healing thus far and make any necessary recommendations.

While there are many factors that make healing a very subjective experience, the general rule is to take a week off of work. A second week is recommended if at all possible. A return to low key activities is typically approved after about a week, but any heavy lifting and more arduous activities should not be resumed until about four to six weeks. It’s important to listen to not only Dr. Arslanian but also to your own body, as you don’t want to cause any regression in your results or your healing.

Male Tummy Tuck Results

A huge benefit of the male tummy tuck is that you can see and feel results instantly, although the final results can be seen after the swelling has fully abated. This typically takes about six months but, once again, this is all dependent on the patient and his ability to heal along with how well he followed the post-op instructions. The male tummy tuck has a high patient satisfaction rate, and many men report experiencing a major best in self-confidence.

Additional Procedures

As the numbers of men getting plastic surgery have risen, talented surgeons like Dr. Arslanian have tailored a number of procedures for specific use on males. Feel free to explore other options during your consultation with Dr. Arslanian, as some of these might even be able to do in tandem with your male tummy tuck. Not only do some procedures enhance the results of other procedures, but having one surgery as opposed to several surgeries is always ideal.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Some surgeries are complementary to other surgeries and may be performed concurrently. One of these cases has been found to be the male tummy tuck with gynecomastia or the procedure that’s used to remove excess tissue from a man’s chest. While many men experience this due to heredity, it may also be caused by hormones and/or weight gain. The procedure will remove this unwanted fat and tissue to reconstruct the chest. This results in a complete, contoured and masculine looking male figure.

Male Liposuction

Just as with male tummy tucks, male liposuction is on the rise. It is used with great effectiveness on men that workout and eat well but can’t seem to shake the bulge which typically appears in the midsection. Liposuction reaches subcutaneous fat by removing excess deposits and by slimming these problem areas. Because of its effectiveness in contouring and slimming, it is often used in concert with male tummy tucks.


The cost of the male tummy tuck will vary based on your unique presenting issues. After sharing your concerns and coming up with a treatment plan during your consultation with Dr. Arslanian, you will be given a price quote for the procedure. Please contact our office and schedule a consultation today!