breast reduction atlanta

Breast reduction or mammoplasty is a procedure that decreases the volume of breasts to create a balanced, well-proportioned figure. The procedure has helped many women regain control of their life, as having enlarged breast tissue can be physically and emotionally taxing. The constant neck and back pain causes undue hardship that can make simple tasks seem like a chore. The procedure simply gets rid of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin that will make your chest consistent with your overall body shape. Take the first step in enjoying life again and schedule a consultation with Dr. Brian Arslanian, MD, FACS in Atlanta. Our main goal is to help every patient who walks into our door leave with a beautiful, natural look that they can be proud of.

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About Breast Reduction

breast reduction atlanta

There are many reasons for getting breast reduction surgery. Some patients do it for cosmetic reasons because they have grown unhappy with having overly enlarged breasts. Some seek solace from the aches and pains of neck and back problems. Others may do it to provide better symmetry to their chest area following a mastectomy. Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear. Women choosing breast reduction surgery are ready to change their upper body so that better suits them. The procedure takes the weight off their shoulders by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breast. Some skin may be removed from the breast using liposuction or surgical incision. [1] The remaining tissue left is then redistributed and shaped into a smaller breast profile. 

Kick the old way of living to the curb and take the first step in regaining control of your life again! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Arslanian or call (678) 894-9200.


Patients getting a mammoplasty have enjoyed many benefits including having a heightened sense of self-confidence and a significant reduction in pain. People have also benefited from:

  • Reduced discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back areas
  • Improved posture
  • Eliminates skin irritation underneath the breasts
  • Decreased discomfort when doing everyday activities
  • Better body proportions
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased confidence


Patients who have large and heavy breasts are great candidates for breast reduction surgery. Women should be in good health and should not smoke. People who experience the following would also be great candidates: [2]

  • Experience back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Breasts limits physical activity
  • Receiving unwanted attention
  • Difficulty finding shirts and blouses that fit well
  • Have stretched skin and enlargement of the areola

Every patient’s breasts are unique. If you are experiencing the above symptoms and want to make a change, then a breast reduction may be right for you. We invite you to pencil in consultation at Arslanian Plastic Surgery or call (678) 894-9200.

Private Consultation

Your experience with Dr. Arslanian and his staff will be nothing short of excellence. From the moment you walk into our offices in Jonesboro or Brookhaven for your consultation, you will be treated with compassion and respect

breast reduction atlanta

During his residency, Dr. Arslanian discovered his excitement for plastic surgery. When he graduated he decided that he wanted to create something special so he created his own practice. It was born from his passion to provide patients with excellent care without being constrained by the limitations of hospitals and large specialty groups. Now as a double certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has grown his practice into a premier destination for cosmetic and reconstruction surgery in suburban Atlanta. 

He will listen carefully to understand your expectations. When you arrive he will ask about your medical history and aesthetic goals. He will then perform a comprehensive examination of your breast. Once complete, your personalized treatment plan will be discussed in detail.

Discover the benefits of an optimized breast size by scheduling a consultation with us. Our friendly staff will gladly help you through every step of the way. Be the first to know upcoming procedures with our blog. Tag your results on Instagram! Find us at @DrHotlanta.


To create the best and safest experience possible, we will give you preoperative instructions to allow for a smooth and safe operation. Patients are advised to stop smoking and drinking for a few days before and after surgery to avoid complications. You may also be directed to stop taking certain medications and supplements. Make sure to designate a loved one or care buddy to drive you home and take care of you for the first day after your operation.

All these details and more will be discussed during your initial consultation.


On the day of your operation, you’ll meet with Dr. Arslanian before your procedure. Once all final items are complete, you will be able to rest comfortably throughout the process. During the procedure, Dr. Arslanian will make an incision. The exact method will depend on the extent of your condition. There are two main techniques for a mammaplasty: [3]

Vertical or “Lollipop” 

An incision is made around the areola. It connects with a second incision made vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease underneath the breast. This is reserved for moderate cases.

Inverted-T or Anchor

This procedure is for patients with considerable sagging. An incision is made around the areola that connects with another incision made within the crease that forms an inverted “T”.

After the incision, he will then remove excess tissue, skin, and fat deposits that reduce the overall weight and volume of the breasts. [4] He will then redirect the breast tissue so that he can recontour your chest area.


Since this is an outpatient procedure, you will be able to go home the same day. Patients may experience some post-op pain. We will prescribe medication to alleviate your discomfort. You will be given a compression garment to maintain the integrity of the results. It should go away within a week after your procedure. Dr. Aslanian will instruct you to perform motion exercises during your first week so that your shoulders won’t tighten up. [5] We will schedule a follow-up appointment after your first week after surgery to ensure the recovery process is going according to plan. During which the garment and other dressing will be removed.

Most people can resume normal activities within two weeks. You can go back to work within 3-7 days.


You may notice a visible change in your breasts immediately after surgery. However, full results will start to develop in about 3-6 months. In due time, the breasts will settle on their own and soften up to give off a natural projection. Your scars will start to flatten and fade away. When this happens your breasts will be noticeably smaller. You’ll experience more movement and freedom now that your new breasts are better fitted for your body. The benefits of breast reduction are long-lasting. 


A mammoplasty is a highly customizable procedure. Each patient will get their own experience as they look to reduce the size of their breasts. As such, the cost will be unique to each patient’s circumstances. We will discuss everything including cost at your consultation. Arslanian Plastic Surgery makes it easy for patients to finance their procedure. Our easy financing options offer patients a simple way to fund their operation. Keep an eye out for lucrative savings. We frequently run specials so our patients can keep costs down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will the results last?

Patients go on to enjoy life-lasting results from a breast reduction. As long as they maintain a stable weight and plan not to have any more children. As we age, skin elasticity decreases which will cause sagging but the condition will not be as severe before breast reduction surgery.

Can I still have children after surgery?

Patients are advised to stop having future pregnancies as it is likely to change the shape, size, and appearance of the breasts. It could reverse the changes made during breast reduction. Tell Dr. Arslanian if you plan to have more children so he can discuss your options.

Will I have scars after surgery?

All methods of breast reduction require some incisions to be made. Most scars should fade away as time goes by. The extent of your procedure depends on your treatment plan.


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