Does your cellulite make you want to hide away? You may have tried everything from diet and exercise to magic leggings and exotic teas, and still find yourself plagued by unwanted cellulite.

Arslanian Plastic Surgery is excited to offer their patients cutting-edge technology that treats cellulite and greatly improves skin health: Profound RF Microneedling!

Profound RF Microneedling is a non-surgical procedure that uses a microneedling device to emit controlled radio frequency waves. The combination of microneedles and radio frequency waves work together to tighten tissue, increase the skin’s volume, and reduce the appearance of cellulite from almost anywhere on the body.

Results are long-lasting with noticeable improvements after one treatment!

What is Profound RF?

Profound is an advanced, FDA-approved technology that reduces wrinkles and cellulite. The treatment improves skin quality by increasing the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. These three components are what help the skin remain full and well-structured for months after receiving Profound RF. The handheld microneedling device emits heat through radiofrequency technology that works to remodel and contour the adipose tissues. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a high response rate. A Profound treatment will firm and tighten skin almost anywhere on a patient’s body, smoothing away the appearance of skin aging and cellulite. Patients can enjoy the many benefits a Profound procedure offers for years to come!

Both safe and efficient, the Profound technology allows Dr. Arslanian to have complete control over depth, heat and the amount of time treatment takes. If you want to reduce stubborn cellulite, or restore facial definition, contact Arslanian Plastic Surgery today to learn if a Profound procedure is a good solution for you!


Both men and women are welcome to enjoy the many benefits the Profound technology has to offer! These advantages include:

  • Reduced cellulite
  • Diminished wrinkles
  • Remodels adipose tissues
  • Increases the skin’s production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid
  • Increases dermal volume
  • Profound can be applied all over the body
  • The control features make the procedure safe
  • Yields dramatic results
  • Tones the skin
  • Non-surgical
  • A quick procedure with minimal downtime

At Arslanian Plastic Surgery, we want you to feel your best and be confident in your body. If you are anxious about wearing shorts, dresses, or arm-baring outfits, reach out to our offices to see how Profound technology can profoundly restore your confidence in your appearance!

Candidates for Cellulite Treatment

This procedure is available to all adult patients who want to see an improvement in their skin quality. An ideal candidate will have:

  • Stubborn cellulite
  • Loose skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Deep lines
  • Moderate skin elasticity
  • Irregular skin surfaces
  • Scars
  • A consistent body weight

This treatment is perfect for people with a busy lifestyle who want penetrating skin improvements without a lengthy recovery. The Profound procedure is non-surgical and can be customized to fit your schedule. A quick pick-me-up, this procedure will produce transformative results, fast!

Consultation with Top Skin Care Expert Dr. Arslanian

In your personal consultation, you will get the opportunity to discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals with Dr. Arslanian. He will examine the area of your body that you are concerned about and test your skin elasticity. This examination will likely include photographs so that Dr. Arslanian can better plan for the procedure and determine where treatment will be applied. He may suggest an alternative or additional procedures to help you meet your goals. Together, you and Dr. Arslanian will develop a treatment plan that best addresses your concerns and delivers your aesthetic goals.

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to Dr. Arslanian and his staff. Your past procedures, drug allergies, and current medications will need to be disclosed so they have a comprehensive understanding of your current health. Current medications may need to be altered to ensure you have a safe, healthy treatment and recovery.

Dr. Arslanian will walk you through the Profound RF microneedling procedure during your private consultation. You will be given care instructions for how you will prepare and recover from the treatment. This procedure includes topical, local anesthesia. If you are sensitive to discomfort, voice your preferences and ask Dr. Arslanian about your options.

We encourage our patients to ask questions and voice all their concerns during their private consultation. Our goal is to help our patients feel confident and be well-informed of their treatment process. You may also call our offices to address questions and concerns; we are here to help you!

Preparing for the Procedure

As this is a minimally-invasive procedure, taking time off from work may not be unnecessary.

Before your treatment, you will be asked to stop smoking and taking antihistamines. This will help promote a healthy recovery and reduce procedure symptoms. We recommend you wear loose clothing in the areas the treatment will be applied. This will allow you to be comfortable and not apply unnecessary pressure after the procedure is completed. Do not apply lotions or other products to the treatment areas within forty-eight hours of the procedure.

Follow all pretreatment instructions Dr. Arslanian discusses with you to ensure a positive experience.

Profound RF Techniques

The depth of the microneedles, length of the treatment and level of the heat will be customized to fit your needs and deliver your best outcome.

If you are sensitive to discomfort, preferences for more comprehensive anesthesia will need to be discussed in your personal consultation so the staff can be informed and prepared on the day of your procedure.

When you arrive for your procedure, the treatment area will be cleaned and topical anesthesia will be applied. Once the area is numb, Dr. Arslanian will proceed with the treatment.

There are two handheld devices that can be used, the Profound dermal cartridge (equipped with five needles) and the Profound SubQ Cartridge (equipped with seven needles).

Treatment with the Profound Dermal Cartridge

The Profound Dermal Cartridge is a handheld device that applies five medical-grade needles to the skin. The ultrathin needles act as electrodes. These needles will deliver radiofrequency energy deep into the dermal layers of your skin. The small micro-wounds created with the needles will stimulate collagen growth, while the heat emitted by the radiofrequency energy will boost elastin and hyaluronic acid levels. Together, they will help reduce surface irregularities by producing new, smoother, healthier skin.

Treatment with Profound SubQ Cartridge

The Profound SubQ Cartridge contains seven electrode microneedles that are applied to the treatment area. The needles act in the same way as the Profound Dermal Cartridge, delivering heat deep into the dermis. These micro-lesions will cause your skin to produce new, healthier skin that is smoother and contains fewer inconsistencies. The procedure commonly takes an hour.

Once your personalized treatment is complete, Dr. Arslanian will provide a treatment cream to promote healing.

Results of Cellulite Treatment with Profound RF

Patients are able to return to their regular schedule after their treatment is finished. For the first twenty-four hours, you will need to avoid activities that make you sweat. The treated area may be red and mildly sensitive. Small scabs can develop over the micro-wounds. It is important to moisturize and keep the area clean as your skin heals. To avoid irritation or damage, you will need to keep the treated areas out of direct sunlight and apply sunscreen when the skin is past its initial recovery. After a few days, a thin layer of makeup can be used to diminish any redness.

The Profound RF microneedling procedure is a revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment. Your skin will improve in the following weeks as it creates a new, smoother layer. Your skin will be fuller, tighter and smoother. These results are long-lasting. To ensure their longevity, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle and consistent weight.

Patient Before & After


Complementary Procedures

Arslanian Plastic Surgery offers many procedures and techniques that will improve your appearance and leave you feeling confident! Dermal fillers are one such treatment. Quick to administer, these fillers are used to fill in scars, correct wrinkles and improve dermal volume. These injections may be used in tangent to the Profound RF microneedling treatment to give you a more comprehensive improvement. Dermal filler injectables are a made of a gel-like substance specifically formulated to add youthful shape and volume to the skin.

Dr. Arslanian uses two types of fillers at his state-of-the-art office, Juvéderm, and Restylane. These fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the connective tissues of our bodies. Dr. Arslanian prefers to use Hyaluronic-based dermal fillers because they are natural and allow our bodies to easily break them down and metabolize them.

There are many different types of Juvéderm and Restylane fillers to address specific areas of your body. These fillers are commonly used to correct facial wrinkles and volume loss in the cheeks and lips. The type of filler a patient receives will depend on their individual preference, combined with Dr. Arslanian’s recommendation of which option will achieve the preferred outcomes. These procedures can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the extent of the treatment. If you are interested in the quick, transformative effects of dermal fillers, ask Dr. Arslanian if they would be an appropriate addition to your Profound microneedling procedure!

Cost of Profound RF Microneedling for the Body

At Arslanian Plastic Surgery we understand that every patient comes into our offices with unique goals and anatomy. We approach each procedure with a personalized perspective so as to give our patients the best results for their needs. Each patient will have a different procedure and therefore a different price. At the end of your consultation, you’ll receive a detailed quote of your personalized treatment plan.

If you are interested in how Dr. Arslanian can transform your skin, schedule a consultation today at (678) 894-9200!