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MTF Top Surgery

Society is constantly evolving, which means that what was once uncommon a couple of decades ago is now becoming more socially acceptable and encouraged. There are many people out there that were assigned a particular sex at birth, but as they grow into themselves, discover that they actually identify more with the opposite gender. In situations like these, the team at Arslanian Plastic Surgery works closely with our transitioning patients to not only cultivate a safe and trusting environment but also provide the opportunity to have their external appearance match their internal expression. To learn more about MTF Top Surgery in Atlanta, please keep reading below.

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Transgender Surgery

What is MTF Top Surgery?

The Male-to-Female (MTF) top surgery, also called Chest Feminization, is a procedure designed as a solution for transgender women or non-binary transgender people who are looking to obtain a more feminine appearance. This is done through breast augmentation with the use of either saline or silicone implants to enhance the overall size and shape of the patient’s breasts. 

The procedure is performed by creating a pocket in the chest that will be used for the implant. The methods used for this breast augmentation procedure are very similar to traditional breast augmentation. However, the patient needs to understand that the size of the breast implant should be determined by the amount of skin on the chest. Besides this, the majority of the decisions that must be made for this procedure are standard, such as the choice of implant and whether the implant will be placed above or below the muscle.

When deciding to undergo this procedure, patients must consider their implant options; generally, patients have an option between saline or silicone breast implants. A saline implant is a silicone shell that is then filled with a saline solution. Silicone implants, on the other hand, are filled with a silicone gel that has a “gummy” texture, allowing it to provide patients with a more natural-looking bust. When considering either of these implants, it is best to weigh both of the options with Dr. Arslanian to determine what is best for the individual patient’s needs.

The second decision to be made when undergoing an MTF augmentation procedure is to determine whether patients would prefer to have the implant placed on top or underneath the breast muscles. Each option provides different results; however, patients do find that over the muscle has been found to give a very natural look. The underlying masculine chest muscle will be concealed this way. However, during the consultation, the doctor will further explain the details of each placement option.

What are the benefits of MTF Top Surgery?

While MTF Top Surgery in Atlanta is a deeply personal decision, many of our patients have been able to enjoy a wide variety of benefits, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Can create better mental health
  • Helps you feel more socially accepted
  • Improves confidence and renews your sense of self
  • Reduces gender incongruence
  • Sexual encounters are more aligned with your gender
  • Your body reflects the gender you identify with

Who are the best candidates for the MTF Top Surgery procedure?

The ideal candidate for an Atlanta MTF Top Surgery would be someone who has the following characteristics:

  • In overall good health and maintains a good diet and exercise regime. 
  • In good mental health
  • Old enough to consent to the surgery
  • Looking to undergo transformative surgery to change their external characteristics, specifically the chest area
  • Maintain realistic expectations of the overall outcomes

There is no reason to continue feeling uncomfortable in your own skin or feel that your body does not express who you truly are. If you are looking into either form of top surgery discussed above, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and discuss your options! We look forward to meeting you.

First Steps

What’s the first step?

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If you are interested in MTF Top Surgery in Atlanta, the first step is to contact Arslanian Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation. During this appointment, you will meet with Dr. Arslanian who will begin by discussing your particular goals. He will then review your medical history, current medications that are being taken, and any previous surgeries you may have had. 

Once this is done, a physical examination will be performed to determine your candidacy and ensure that MTF top surgery would be beneficial in achieving the patient’s particular goals. After gathering all of this information, Dr. Arslanian can then work with you to build an individualized treatment plan.

Before leaving the office, patients who are candidates will have the option to schedule their procedure, and doing so will receive their list of preparatory instructions to follow leading up to the surgery. This list most commonly instructs patients who are smokers to quit 3 weeks before their surgery as smoking can hinder the body’s ability to heal efficiently. Patients will also be advised to refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory medications for about 2 weeks before their procedure. If patients have any questions during this time, we encourage them to call our office, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff and ready and willing to help in any way possible.

What to expect on the day of MTF Top Surgery

When you arrive at our clinic in Atlanta, our care team will make you comfortable and prep you for surgery. Dr. Arslanian will go over the techniques and incisions you both discussed, according to the plan he has prepared for you. You will then meet with our Anesthesiologist who will ask you some medical questions and administer a type of anesthesia to keep you comfortable and reduce the possibility of feeling any pain.

Once you are comfortably numb, Dr. Arslanian will make the incisions. These will vary from patient to patient, based on the type of breast implant, and the specifics of your surgery. From there, the implant will be placed in a pocket of space opened up by the incision. Once the implants are properly positioned, the incisions are closed with sutures, dressings are applied and you will be awakened from anesthesia. You will be taken into a recovery area where Dr. Arslanian and his team will give you all the information you need for your recovery period when you return home. 

For more information on Breast Augmentation, please refer to its dedicated page HERE

MTF Top Surgery recovery

We advise our MTF Top Surgery patients to arrange transport to and from our clinic, as this is a major surgery and you will need to rest. 

Dr. Arslanian recommends that patients walk, but only a minimal amount, to help improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. You will need to wear a compression garment (a surgical bra) after surgery throughout the recovery stage as it will help with swelling and any possible bruising that may arise, as well as provide support. If patients have any further questions or concerns during this time, our helpful staff is here to assist in any way they can.

Until you return for your first follow-up appointment, you may shower your lower body if you can do so without getting the bandages and dressings wet. Clean the top of your body with a sponge only until Dr. Arslanian gives you the go-ahead for showering and bathing.

Results for transgender females will be instantly apparent, however, you can expect to experience some swelling throughout the treated region during the healing stage. The full results can be seen 4 to 6 months after the procedure. Once fully healed, patients are ready to take their new life by storm!

MTF Top Surgery Cost

How much does MTF Top Surgery cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of MTF Top Surgery in Atlanta will vary on multiple factors, including the techniques that are used and the type of implant, among other things. The best way to learn the full price of your surgery is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Arslanian so the two of you can create your surgical plan. Once made, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a full cost breakdown.

Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta
Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta

Why choose Arslanian Plastic Surgery?

Arslanian Plastic Surgery is renowned for its exceptional patient care, led by founder and double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Arslanian, aka “Dr. Hotlanta”. With a thriving practice catering to patients across the Metro Atlanta area, Dr. Arslanian and his team specialize in a diverse range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. 

Dr. Arslanian’s journey into plastic surgery began after graduating from SUNY Geneseo College and earning his medical degree from the University at Buffalo. He honed his skills during a rigorous General Surgery residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, affiliated with Harvard University. Discovering his passion for plastic surgery during this time, Dr. Arslanian pursued further specialization with a three-year residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, a renowned hub for plastic surgery excellence in the United States. He is an active member of the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery), the Aesthetic Society (ASAPS), and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)


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