Facial Rejuvenation Atlanta

Facial rejuvenation is a suite of surgical and non-surgical solutions to various cosmetic conditions. Either caused by intrinsic factors or from age-related changes, our facial appearance may not be quite what we wish it was. From wrinkles to fine lines to a prominent bump on our noses, there are different conditions that creams, lotions, and serums just can’t correct. That is why Dr. Brian Arslanian offers each one of his facial rejuvenating procedures.

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has helped thousands of patients achieve their ideal facial aesthetic. If you would like to see how Dr. Arslanian’s facial rejuvenating services can invigorate your self-confidence, please schedule a personal consultation at our Atlanta offices. To reach our front desk staff, please call (678) 894-9200.

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Surgical Facial Procedures

Surgical Facial Procedures Atlanta

For those interested in long-lasting facial rejuvenation, then our suite of surgical procedures might just have the perfect solution for your cosmetic concern. During your consultation, Dr. Arslanian will examine your trouble spots and recommend which service(s) is most appropriate to achieve your desired facial aesthetic. Because these are surgical procedures, you will need to be healthy enough to undergo surgery and have room in your schedule for proper recovery. Dr. Arslanian will address your timetable for recovery, expectations for results, any preparatory steps at our offices. 

Brow Lift

As we age, certain facial features start to droop and fall. One common area is the brow. A brow lift can correct this. Because our skin cells and connective tissue gradually lose their elasticity, the fibers keeping the brow upright loosen, causing the entire brow ridge to fall. For some patients, this condition can be so severe that the drooping brow obstructs their vision. To correct this brow ptosis, Dr. Arslanian adjusts the subcutaneous brow tissue to rest naturally higher on the forehead, where it had in the patient’s youth. This procedure involves minimal scarring and gives the patient a younger, more refreshed appearance for years to come!

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Located in the middle third of our face, the buccal fat pad is a rounded fatty structure that is the reason for what is commonly called “baby faces” or “bunny cheeks.” Though diet and exercise shed fat in other areas of your body, the buccal fat pad size remains fixed for most of your adult life.[1] For those concerned about the size of round cheeks, Dr. Arslanian makes an interior incision inside their mouth, so no scarring will be visible. Then, he carefully removes the pads from each cheek to give your face a more defined, chiseled appearance. 


With age, our eyelids lose their sharp, sexy corners and start to droop. The aging process can cause our eyes to look rounded and less vibrant. To give your eyelids a boost, Dr. Arslanian performs a canthopexy. With a canthopexy, Dr. Arslanian removes any excess tissue and tightens the corners of the eyes. This procedure is often known to give a patient the much desirable “cat eyes” appearance. 


Drooping eyelids can cause you to appear older, more tired, and less alert. Bags can form under your eyes and make your entire facial appearance look puffy and unrested. To correct these signs, Dr. Arslanian employs a blepharoplasty. With a blepharoplasty, Dr. Arslanian removes the excess skin and fat tissue around the eyelids, lifting the upper eyelid to a more awake position. 


To turn back the hands of time and rid your complexion of loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, Dr. Arslanian uses a facelift/necklift approach. With both of these procedures, he can not only lift the overlying skin but also readjust the underlying facial structures to a brighter position. 

Facial Fat Transfer

Through adulthood, our facial skeleton slowly loses its collagen supply, causing bone resorption: a process where the bones weaken and regress inwards. This part of the aging process results in hollow or sunken areas under the eyes and around the cheeks. To correct this using your natural tissue, Dr. Arslanian uses a facial fat transfer. With a facial fat transfer, the doctor removes unwanted fatty tissue from a different area of your body, purifies it, and relocates it to fill in the hollow areas of your complexion. This procedure results in a fuller, healthier appearance without the risk of adverse reactions. 


Commonly called a nose job, a rhinoplasty is a surgical solution to even out a prominent bump, straighten a crooked ridge, correct a deviated septum, or adjust the width of the nostrils. Because the nose is the center of the face, it balances the face symmetrically. So, patients often see a total rejuvenation to their appearance with a simple rhinoplasty procedure. 


Ears that stick out might be a major insecurity for you or your child. To draw the ears in and make them more flush with the head, Dr. Arslanian uses an otoplasty procedure. With an otoplasty, Dr. Arslanian can bring the ears in permanently and rid the condition that is commonly referred to as “bunny ears.”

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

hydrafacial image

Those interested in facial rejuvenation but don’t have time for surgery or prolonged recoveries should find a non-surgical procedure that meets their cosmetic needs. From simple injections to microneedling, Dr. Arslanian and his team have just the service to achieve your desired appearance. 


The ever-popular injectable Botox has long been a household name for aesthetic services. Botox contains Botulinum toxin type A and freezes the facial muscle in place, causing the overlying skin to lose its wrinkles and fine lines. Botox is remarkable at smoothing away a prominent ridge brow, crow’s feet, and marionette lines. 

Dermal Fillers

The dermal fillers we offer are Juvederm and Restylane. Both use the skin-enriching chemical: hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid molecules in the Juvederm and Restylane gel bind with the water molecules in the skin to better support the skin’s structure and even out wrinkles, fine lines, and mild to moderate folds.[2] During your consultation, Dr. Arslanian and his team will determine which filler is right for you. 

Profound RF

Often referred to as a non-surgical facelift, Profound RF uses radiofrequency waves to penetrate deep into the dermis to rejuvenate the skin’s inner fibers. This process awakens the collagen and elastin receptors in your skin to stimulate a renewed production of each restorative protein. Over time, well after your Profound RF session, your skin continually refreshes from the inside out. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines fade while your complexion improves for months to come. 

Earwell – Infant Ear Deformity Repair Device

This wearable ear device shapes and molds an infant’s ear to appear more natural and correct any abnormalities or deformities in the ears. The Earwell device is recommended for babies under six weeks.


Kybella is an FDA-approved injection to minimize fat under the chin. When Kybella is injected into the submental fatty tissue, the formula converts the fatty tissue to amino acids. The body then discards these amino acids and triggers collagen production in the treated area. Over time, the fat washes away, and the skin tightens to project a more defined and sculpted jawline. 


To achieve fuller, longer lashes, Dr. Arslanian applies Latisse to the top eyelashes. Latisse boosts follicle production, causing the lashes to grow stronger and more pronounced. While older patients typically have thinner eyelashes, Latisse is perfect for patients of all ages. 

Plasma Peel

The plasma peel is a safe but effective chemical peel to wash away old layers of skin and balance skin tone and appearance. Dr. Arslanian and his team will help decide which approach is best for you and recommend the best after-care steps. 

PRP Facelift

Popularly known as a “vampire facelift,” a PRP facelift uses your body’s platelet-rich plasma to restore your complexion and diminish the appearance of many cosmetic concerns. Over time, the skin tightens as wrinkles, fine lines, and folds fade from your complexion. 


Sculptra is an injectable filler to add volume and fade common signs of aging from your facial appearance. Poly-l-lactic acid, the active ingredient in Sculptra, gradually boosts collagen production, causing the skin to tighten and appear younger. 

Personal Consultation

We will begin your consultation with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Depending on which services you’re interested in, we will do a series of other examinations to ensure you are fit enough to undergo surgery. This consultation is our time to get to know you as more than just a patient and answer any questions about your facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Arslanian will explain how the services works, recovery timetables, and realistic expectations for each procedure. To get started, be sure to schedule an initial consultation at our Atlanta offices!


Because each patient’s personalized treatment plan is unique and each service carries its own cost, the price of your facial rejuvenation with Dr. Arslanian will vary. If you are interested in financing, please check out our financing page or call our front desk at (678) 894-9200. Be sure to stay up to date on our current specials and our plastic surgery blog! The industry is ever-evolving and we want to make sure our clients are always in the know. 


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