Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation surgeries have been performed by plastic surgeons since the 1960s and as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed around the world, the techniques are constantly tested and improved. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a modern surgical breast augmentation procedure that improves the volume, shape, and contour of a patient’s breast(s). For patients who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts or have an asymmetrical chest, Dr. Arslanian has a solution for you.

If you are considering Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer, come and see Dr. Brian Arslanian at Arslanian Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Arslanian is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and is ready to work with you. Find out how Dr. Arslanian can help elevate your appearance with a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer today.

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A more Natural Solution

What is a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

More traditional breast augmentations are performed with either silicone or saline-filled implants, which lead to alluring results. However, another popular and more natural solution is combining the technique of breast augmentation with the transfer of the patient’s own fat. This procedure is done in two stages. Stage one is liposuction and stage two is the fat transfer. There is a fat purification process that takes place between the two procedures. This prepares the fat to be relocated into the patient’s body.

In the liposuction procedure, fat is harvested using a suction method from areas with excess fat. A few safe areas to remove fat from include the buttocks, thighs, and arms. The fat is then relocated to the breasts via injections to increase volume and produce the desired outcome. Using a patient’s fat decreases the likelihood of an allergic reaction while also maintaining the breast’s natural feel.

Breast augmentation provides patients with a comprehensive change to their breasts that non-invasive procedures cannot achieve. With long-lasting results, a breast fat transfer is an excellent solution to the chest problems that bother you.

What are the benefits of A Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

There are a number of benefits to a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer: 

  • It uses the fat from your own body and redistributes it to the breasts
  • It can enhance your breasts with more volume
  • Creates a more symmetrical look
  • Gives you confidence to wear a bathing suit or other types of clothing
  • Creates a natural look to your enhanced breast size
  • No risk of an implant hardening or rupturing
  • Will not require revision surgery every 10 – 15 years, unlike implants
  • Fat integrates into your native tissue, whereas implants will always be a foreign body

To find out how a breast augmentation with fat transfer can benefit you, call us today for a consultation. 

Who are the best candidates for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer in Atlanta may be performed on patients ages 18 and up; however, an ideal candidate will have:

  • A desire to change the size of their chest
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Consider their breasts to be too small
  • Have experienced unwanted changes to their breasts during pregnancy

Patients will need to have enough donor fat on their bodies to transfer to their breasts. A typical breast augmentation with fat transfer can increase the cup size from one-half to one full cup size. If you are interested in a breast augmentation procedure using fat, contact Dr. Arslanian today.

First Steps

What’s the first step?

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The first step to getting a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Atlanta is to book a consultation with Dr. Arslanian. During a patient’s consultation, they will meet with Dr. Arslanian and have the opportunity to discuss their situation as well as their concerns and aesthetic goals. They will need to disclose their medical history, drug allergies, and current medications. This will allow Dr. Arslanian to make adjustments where needed.

Dr. Arslanian will take detailed measurements of their breasts and body and perform an examination. Photos will be taken to help Dr. Arslanian point out certain things and explain his approach to breast augmentation with fat transfer. He will discuss the various options for breast augmentation and make sure the patient is confident in their decision. He will also show photos of other patients before and after their breast augmentations to help determine what size and look the patient desires to achieve.

Dr. Arslanian encourages patients to voice all questions so they may be better informed and comfortable with their procedure.

What to expect on the day of Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer surgery

Before your surgery, Dr. Arslanian may advise you to fast for a certain amount of time, and avoid certain medications such as blood thinners. It is advised that you wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment, and arrange transportation to and from the clinic. 

When you arrive for your surgery, Dr. Arslanian will walk you through the steps of the procedure as discussed in your consultation. You will then be administered general anesthesia to minimize discomfort and alleviate any pain felt from the surgery. 

The next step is Liposuction. Fat is harvested from a few different areas of the body, which Dr. Arslanian will discuss in detail during your consultation. Once removed, the fat will be purified by placing it into a centrifuge to separate it from any undesirable materials. Once the fat is ready, it is placed into a cannula, ready for insertion. 

The final step of this procedure is to inject the purified fat into the areas of the breast that you discussed with Dr. Arslanian. Fat will be injected at various points and density of the breasts to accommodate for when fat naturally processes out of the body. The amount of fat harvested and injected will compensate for this occurrence. 

Once the procedure is complete, you will be taken into a recovery room for the anesthesia to wear off. Compression bandages or a support bra will be applied to the chest to help the improved contours adjust.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer recovery

Before the patient goes home, Dr. Arslanian or his staff will inform them of how best to care for their chest to produce great results. The patient will go home the same day of surgery and rest. Pain medication will be provided for the initial recovery process to diminish the patient’s discomfort.

Over the course of the first week, the patient will begin a range of motion exercises to keep their arms and shoulders from tightening up. Dr. Arslanian will likely remove stitches in week two of recovery. The patient will need to wear compression garments as instructed, typically for a minimum of 6 weeks to decrease swelling and bruising. Their breasts will initially be swollen, somewhat firm, and a little uncomfortable. This is normal, and they will decrease in size as the swelling goes down and softens as the fat becomes incorporated.

Most patients can return to work after a week and to regular activities and exercise after about four weeks.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Cost

How much does a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Atlanta can vary based on a number of factors such as: 

  • Amount of fat being harvested
  • Size and shape of breast enhancement
  • The time needed to complete the surgery. 

Breast augmentation with fat transfer will vary in cost depending on what the patient hopes to achieve. Dr. Arslanian and his staff are more than happy to give you a detailed customized quote when you schedule a consultation with them today.

Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta
Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta

Why choose Arslanian Plastic Surgery?

When you come to Arslanian Plastic Surgery for a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer, you will be in good hands with Dr. Arslanian and his team. Dr. Arslanian obtained his medical degree from the University at Buffalo and then went on to complete a rigorous training program in General Surgery at one of the prestigious Harvard Hospitals: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. During his residency he discovered his passion for plastic surgery: both cosmetic and reconstructive. He then completed another 3 years of specialized training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, an epicenter for plastic surgery in the United States. 

As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arslanian has launched and grown his practice into a busy mix of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to help patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area. Dr. Arslanian’s goal for every patient is to create a beautiful, natural look, using the safest techniques he has learned.


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