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Peach Pop Butt Lift

Our patients in Atlanta can’t get enough of our signature Peach Pop Butt Lift, a custom treatment right here in our amazing state of GA. Peach Pop Booty is a non-surgical buttock augmentation performed in-office with the use of Sculptra. Peach Pop Booty is quick and convenient; you can undergo this treatment and get right back to your day! It is created to volumize and enhance the curves of our patient’s buttocks, and the results are natural and long-lasting! To find out more about Peach Pop Booty with Sculptra at Arslanian Plastic Surgery, keep reading and contact us today.

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What is a Peach Pop Butt Lift?

Peach Pop Booty in Atlanta is a procedure that will improve the shape, add volume, and correct divots in your buttocks. This is achieved with injections of Sculptra. Peach Pop Booty is performed in-office, requires no incisions, and achieves instant results; it doesn’t get better than the ease of this treatment. This minimally invasive procedure often takes only thirty minutes. And the best part, outcomes of Peach Pop Booty last for five years, or more! 

Peach Pop Booty is performed with Sculptra injection, a long-lasting filler. It is carefully injected into the buttocks. Sculptra triggers the body’s natural collagen production to restore volume in treated areas rather than simply adding volume like other types of injectable fillers. The new collagen and resulting increase in volume will require at least a few weeks to become noticeable.

What are the benefits of a Peach Pop Butt Lift?

There are several amazing benefits for our Atlanta patients who seek a Peach Pop Butt Lift, these include: 

  • Subtle volume and curvature to the top of the buttocks
  • Correction to divots and asymmetry 
  • Increase in the projection of the buttocks
  • Can accomplish a small touch-up 
  • Can achieve your preferred buttocks shape
  • Will improve the results of previous BBL surgery
  • Is a convenient, comfortable procedure

Who are the best candidates for a Peach Pop Butt Lift?

The Peach Pop Booty, utilizing Sculptra injectable filler, is an ideal option for individuals in Atlanta who desire a non-surgical approach to enhance the shape, volume, and contour of their buttocks. The procedure is best suited for candidates who:

  • Desire subtle and natural-looking enhancement
  • Have mild to moderate volume loss or sagging
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Prefer a non-surgical approach

First Steps

What’s the first step?

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The first step towards a Peach Pop Butt Lift is scheduling a consultation with us here at Arslanian Plastic Surgery, home of the Peach Pop Booty. During this appointment, you’ll discuss your goals, concerns, and medical history, allowing our team to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

By taking this initial step and consulting with Dr. Arslanian, you can begin your journey toward achieving your desired aesthetic enhancements with confidence and assurance.

What to expect on the day of a Peach Pop Butt Lift treatment

On the day of your procedure, you will be welcomed with excitement as your Peach Pop Booty journey becomes a reality. Because Peach Pop Booty is less extensive than traditional BBL, the Peach Pop Booty procedure is performed in-office at Arslanian Plastic Surgery. Patients are kept 100% comfortable with a topical anesthetic during their buttocks augmentation with Sculptra. Peach Pop Booty is performed to make minor but flattering improvements to the shape of the buttocks through injections of Sculptra. Once your treatment is complete, you can get right back to your day with an easy-to-follow and custom recovery plan.

Peach Pop Butt Lift recovery

Peach Pop Booty is a quick procedure. This is a simple, convenient way to boost your confidence (by boosting your booty!). Patients can undergo Peach Pop Booty and not have to worry about the hours or sometimes days of negative side effects associated with general anesthesia. 

Dr. Arslanian will discuss recovery best practices, including the need to sit on a donut pillow and sleep on your stomach as you heal following Peach Pop Booty.

Most patients are back to normal activities immediately following a Peach Pop Booty procedure. Patients will be advised on whether to return for follow-up appointments with Arslanian Plastic Surgery to allow Dr. Arslanian to determine if additional treatments are necessary.

Peach Pop Butt Lift Cost

How much does a Peach Pop Butt Lift cost in Atlanta, GA?

Pricing varies on an individual basis depending on the details of your non-surgical buttocks augmentation treatment plan. Patients will receive their personalized cost breakdown once they have customized the steps of their Peach Pop Booty procedure. Pricing for Peach Pop Booty begins at $3,999.

Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta
Doctor Arslanian | Arslanian Plastic Surgery Atlanta

Why choose Arslanian Plastic Surgery?

The answer is quite simple, we created the Peach Pop Booty®. When it comes to buttock enhancements in Atlanta, we are the premier destination and the self-starters of the Peach Pop Booty® movement. 

Operating within a state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, Arslanian Plastic Surgery prioritizes patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction at every stage of the journey. Dr. Arslanian and his dedicated team are committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding patient expectations, ensuring a positive experience from initial consultation to post-operative care. 

With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for outstanding outcomes, Arslanian Plastic Surgery remains a trusted destination for those seeking transformative cosmetic enhancements to their buttocks.


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