We live in a society where youth and beauty are prized and sought after. That no longer only applies to women. Men, are now more than ever, looking to turn back the clock and knock off the pounds.

Over the past 5 years plastic surgery has seen a boom in male plastic surgery. Over the past year alone, there has been an increase in male plastic surgery by 43%, and since 1997 a 273% increase in the number of cosmetic procedures men are receiving.

Men are usually looking to cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock, and to stay competitive in the workplace. The competition in corporate America is increasing, and looking the part is becoming an advantage to help climb the corporate ladder.

Men may be looking for facial rejuvenation which may include: jaw contouring and/or chin implant to give a stronger, more masculine jawline. Or they may be looking for a less tired look and request an eye lift. Younger men may just be looking for some Botox or Fillers or get rid of those early wrinkles. Those in their 50s and 60s may be in need of a face or neck lift to turn back the clock a decade or more.

Others may be looking for liposuction to get rid of some of that extra belly fat, or liposculpting to try and get that “six pack” look and better muscular definition.

And others may be in need of removing excess breast tissue which can result from aging and changing hormone levels, or may be a consequence of prior steroid use and bodybuilding.

Whatever the case, Dr. Arslanian can help you get back to that “younger you”, so that you can feel good about yourself and get your career or personal life back on track.