In our practice, our greatest concerns are your safety and your satisfaction with your results and outcome. For those two reasons, Dr. Arslanian pulls out all the stops to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and your outcome is the best he can achieve.

Oftentimes, surgeons may take breast augmentation too lightly as they may think it is an EASY procedure. While not the most technically challenging operation, there are so many opportunities during the surgery to create problems for the patient post-operatively. One of the more serious concerns is that of infection and capsular contracture. This is where Dr. Arslanian is very detail oriented and focused on not only giving you the best Cosmetic Result, but also the safest. The No Touch Technique is something that separates the average hurried surgeon, from the detailed oriented surgeon who has your safety in mind.

What are the components?

The Keller Funnel:

keller funnel no touchThe funnel is one of the major components of the no touch technique, and an entire page is dedicated to it for that reason. Read more about it here. This is the cornerstone of the technique and one you should insist your surgeon utilizes no matter who you choose. It allows the implant to be placed into the pocket with no trauma and no possibility for skin, glove, or instrument contamination.

Anti-Bacterial Irrigation:

There is literature to support the role of both Antibiotic Irrigation and Betadine irrigation in preventing both implant infections and capsular contracture. Dr. Arslanian utilizes both of these throughout the procedure to ensure that the implant is completely sterile with minimal chance of contamination. Some surgeons may choose not to use this technique in order to shave a couple minutes off of the surgery, but Dr. Arslanian has your safety in his mind as his number one concern.

Nipple Shields:

There is growing evidence that implant infections and capsular contracture may be due to low grade contamination at the time of surgery. Studies have shown that even after sterilizing the skin prior to surgery, the nipple-areola still continues to produce bacteria during surgery. This bacteria could potentially be picked up by the implant. In order to prevent that, Dr. Arslanian places occlusive “nipple shields” during the surgery so there is absolutely no chance that the implant could be contaminated by the nipple-complex.

Meticulous Technique:

An often overlooked component, meticulous technique and prevention of ANY bleeding during surgery can have an impact on results. Blood is believed to have inflammatory factors in it which may contribute to the process of Capsular Contracture. In addition, blood is a medium for bacterial infection and makes it more likely that few random bacteria can multiply into a full blow infection. Dr. Arslanian believes in meticulous dissection to prevent ANY blood loss which can contribute to these problems. Meticulous dissection does not necessarily mean SLOWER dissection, it just means being more attentive to what one is doing and avoiding in adverting bleeding that is frankly unnecessary.