Buccal Fat Removal Altanta, GA

Buccal fat removal is an aesthetic procedure that refines your facial contours to achieve a more striking profile. The procedure removes excess fat around the cheeks and allows your inner beauty to rise to the surface. 

Unleash Your Inner Beauty 

Relatives pinching your cheeks might be cute when you are 7, but when you enter your 20s, it doesn’t come off as endearing as it once did. Chubby cheeks make for amusing memes on babies but on adults, they often undermine the sophisticated appearance you crave. You shouldn’t feel any embarrassment when you look in the mirror. You should feel proud of your appearance. If you want to shed those chubby cheeks, then consider buccal fat removal.

Brian Arslanian, MD, FACS can help you achieve a more refined silhouette by removing that unwanted fat. Everyone deserves to look their best. You shouldn’t feel trapped by circumstance. Arslanian Plastic Surgery can help you unleash your inner beauty by removing that baby fat and sculpting your cheeks to achieve the gorgeous and elegant image you desire. Discover if buccal fat removal is the right procedure for you by scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Arslanian. To accommodate your schedule and lifestyle, we also offer remote consultations. If you want a sneak peek at your results, follow our feed on Instagram where you can find patient testimonials and stunning before-and-after pictures from Drhotlanta®. 

About Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal goes by many names, but the procedure remains the same; it’s also called cheek reduction surgery or Bichat’s fat pad removal. The area was first identified as an adipose (fat) deposit by Marie-François Xavier Bichat, a French anatomist, in 1802. Doctors sometimes call it the suctorial fat pad because it assists the breast suckling function of babies. While it can perform an important function when breastfeeding, as we get older its sole function seems to be attracting relatives who love to pinch. If that’s not the reaction you want, then give Arslanian plastic surgery a call at (678) 894-9200.

Does Buccal Fat Removal Work?

The buccal, or Bichat’s, fat pad is located in the mid-cheek region. The fad deposit lies within the cheek and separates the chewing muscles from each other as well as bones like the mandible. In many people, the buccal fat pad naturally diminishes with age. In others, it persists and gives that baby fat appearance. Touchy-feely relations might enjoy the chubby cheeks but we may not. In some cases, excessive buccal fat can cause a patient to bite the interior of his cheeks creating a continual source of discomfort.[1] Buccal fat removal empowers you by gently removing these adipose deposits. This removal results in more defined and exquisite facial features. Buccal fat removal can help reveal the beautiful cheekbones you desire.

Beautiful Benefits

  • Sculpts more defined cheeks
  • Enhances facial contours
  • Removes baby fat
  • Boosts confidence and body image
  • Safe and proven procedure
  • No visible scars

Qualified Candidates

Candidates for buccal fat removal should be at or near their ideal body weight. Additionally, they should be living a healthy lifestyle. If a candidate still wants to lose a significant amount of weight, buccal fat removal should be postponed. Weight loss might affect the procedure. Ideal candidates are non-smokers. If you smoke tobacco products, make sure to mention that during your consultation. You should also have realistic expectations. Buccal fat removal can’t create new cheeks for you out of thin air; it can only fine-tune your existing natural beauty

Your Personal Consultation in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Arslanian, a Double Board-Certified plastic surgeon, wants you to look your best and feel great about yourself. When considering buccal fat removal, it’s important to find a surgeon that understands the aging process and how many people’s cheeks lose volume with age. Cheek reduction surgery requires both surgical skill and an experienced eye for how beauty ages. If too much fat is removed, a patient may end up looking gaunt with sunken cheeks.[2]

Don’t trust your cheeks to just any surgeon. Drhotlanta® knows how to bring out your inner bombshell.   

During your private consultation, you should expect to discuss your medical history and your expectations. Please ask any questions you might have and discuss any concerns with the procedure. Dr. Arslanian loves connecting with his past and future patients. He maintains a blog so you can stay abreast of the most recent updates. If you want to learn more about how Dr. Arslanian can help you achieve the beautiful facial contours of your dreams, give our Atlanta office a call at (678) 894-9200, or book a consultation online. 


Dr. Arslanian will provide you with a personalized set of instructions after your consultation. Make sure to follow all these directions. They shouldn’t be ignored. In general, you’ll want to stop smoking 4-6 weeks before your surgery. You’ll also want to refrain from taking anti-inflammatory medication, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and Aleve, that might affect your circulation and interfere with your body’s healing process. On the day of your surgery, make sure you don’t wear make-up and wash your face thoroughly. 


Buccal Fat Removal Altanta, GA

Buccal fat removal is a fairly simple procedure in theory, but it requires surgical experience and a rarefied vision for beauty to achieve the best results. Your procedure begins with the appropriate anesthesia: local, general or IV sedation may be used. Dr. Arslanian will then make small incisions on the inside of your mouth. If you are undergoing cheek reduction as part of a facelift, he may be able to use the same incisions for multiple procedures at the same time. After the fat deposits are removed, he will close the incisions with biodegradable sutures. 


Buccal fat removal carries very little downtime, if any. Recovery is relatively simple. Most patients don’t require any pain medication and can return to work the next day. It’s possible you experience some minor swelling or redness, but these side-effects quickly abate. If you feel any discomfort, discuss it with Dr. Arslanian and he can prescribe the appropriate medication.


Buccal fat removal results in a sleeker, more striking appearance. Once the baby fat is gone, your facial contours will be more discernible. To help you make the most informed decision, have a look at our patient reviews. We value every patient and greatly appreciate any reviews they leave us.

Complementary Procedures

Buccal fat removal often accompanies a full facelift. Buccal fat removal complements the aims of a facelift.[3] Dr. Arslanian can use the same incisions used in a facelift to effectively remove the fat deposits in the cheeks. The two procedures work in conjunction to improve facial contouring and create a refined silhouette.

Buccal Fat Removal Altanta, GA

Buccal fat removal doesn’t remove excess fat from other areas of your face. One common area that patients want to treat is the condition called a double-chin. Kybella is the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved injectable treatment that eliminates a double-chin. Kybella uses a naturally occurring substance, deoxycholic acid, to disintegrate the fat deposits. When used in conjunction with buccal fat removal, Dr. Arslanian can sculpt the face you desire, not the one circumstance bequeathed to you.

Recent research suggests that the buccal fat pad is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).[4] MSCs show a lot of promise in stem cell therapy. It’s possible that in the future, this finding about the regenerative potential of the buccal fat pad can be leveraged for innovative future treatments.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Atlanta?

Dr. Arslanian wants to conduct a thorough examination of all patients before making a decision on a plan of action. After Dr. Arslanian develops a treatment plan, he can provide you with a complete cost estimate based on a thorough understanding of your situation.


How long does buccal fat removal take?

The procedure can usually be completed within an hour if it is performed by itself. When performed in conjunction with other procedures, the duration can vary. 

What is the purpose of buccal fat?

Buccal fat helps a developing mouth in chewing and sucking. The function of buccal fat is most relevant for babies; it helps them nourish themselves when breastfeeding. Buccal fat tends to naturally dissipate in most people as they get older. 


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