qwo cellulite treatment atlanta

Qwo is a long-awaited, non-surgical solution to polish away cellulite dimples around your thighs and buttocks. This simple, FDA-approved injection smooths out your underside’s silhouette easily and effectively – requiring no necessary downtime. Knowing that cellulite affects 80-90% of women,[1] Dr. Brian Arslanian is proud to offer Qwo to his Atlanta and Brookhaven clientele. With his combined knowledge, skill, and experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Arslanian knows the ease and significance of a non-surgical, injectable solution to cellulite. If your cellulite affects your daily happiness and self-confidence in your appearance, Dr. Arslanian would like to show what Qwo can do for you. Please feel free to schedule a personal consultation with him at our Brookhaven office. Here, he can answer questions or concerns you may have about this or any of our other services. To reach our office, please call (678) 894-9200.

About Cellulite

Cellulite is a localized skin condition that is most commonly found on the thighs, upper knees, buttocks, and sometimes the abdomen. Although a very small percentage of men experience cellulite, researchers have uniformly agreed since 1978 that cellulite is a sex-related condition.[2] Researchers speculate that cellulite is more prevalent in women because of estrogen’s role in cellulite’s development – as many women see an uptick in cellulite during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.[3] While the jury is still out on the exact hormonal causes of cellulite, it is widely accepted that the vertical orientation of a woman’s fibrous septa (the thick bands that connect the skin to underlying muscle) allows the compressed underlying fat to protrude, creating the “orange-peel” appearance.[1] This sex-specific characteristic is why many experts believe cellulite favors one sex over the other. 

To understand your unique condition, you must know the two distinct grades of cellulite:[4]

  • Incipient Cellulite: this type of cellulite is barely visible to the naked eye but becomes evident by pinching the area. When squeezed, the skin appears rippled and paddled. 
  • Full-Blown Cellulite: this type of cellulite is noticeable without needing a pinch test. It appears to the naked eye as irregular dimpling under the skin and pebble-sized lumps of cutaneous tissue. 

How Qwo Works

FDA-approved in 2020 to treat moderate to severe cellulite, Qwo is composed of a natural enzyme called collagenases clostridium histolyticum-aaes (CCH). This enzyme releases the tension of those thick fibrous bands. Once these bands are broken, the underlying fat cells redistribute evenly under the skin, erasing the appearance of those pebble-sized clumps, divots, and dimples. Next, the breakdown of the fibrous septa stimulates a wound healing-like response within the body, resulting in the creation of new collagen. This new collagen helps thicken the epidermis and restore the skin’s external, youthful appearance. A 2021 study followed 843 women after receiving Qwo. The findings reported that CCH significantly improved cellulite appearance with little to no adverse effects.[5]

Why Qwo

  • Simple injection
  • No incision needed
  • Quick procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • No downtime necessary


Many women tell Dr. Arslanian that even through diet and exercise, they could not diminish the appearance of their cellulite. This lack of results is because diet and exercise don’t address the root cause of cellulite. But Qwo does!

So, if you are unhappy with your cellulite’s appearance, you are a perfect candidate for Qwo. Your first step to restored skin is scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Arslanian. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, we will answer any questions and ask about your desired, aesthetic results. Dr. Arslanian will make sure you’re comfortable and worry-free before walking through your medical and surgical history. Next, he will examine your cellulite, noting which grade yours is currently. While Qwo is remarkable and effective in its approach, we offer a suite of other cellulite treatments that might tailor better to your desired results. Dr. Arlsanian will be the one to determine which approach is right for you. Finally, if Dr. Arslanian chooses Qwo for your treatment plan, we will schedule a time and date for you to return. 


Before your Qwo session, we will give you a list of preparatory steps you should adhere to between your consultation and procedure. Some of these steps may be unique to your treatment plan, so please be sure to read the instructions closely. While Qwo is proven safe and minimally invasive, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for your treatment session.

We ask that you avoid:

  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleeve, or other NSAIDs
  • Blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory supplements like herbal medicine and fish oil
  • Any blood-thinning medications or supplements, unless prescribed or advised by your doctor

These blood-thinning medications and supplements can aggravate bruising around the injection site.


qwo cellulite treatment atlanta

Once you and Dr. Arslanian have identified the areas you’d like to treat, he will mark them for injection. Once you are relaxed on your stomach, we will sanitize the areas. Using a simple syringe, Qwo injections are directly inserted into the cellulite dimple. In around 10 minutes, Dr. Arslanian can address up to two dozen divots in your target areas. After the injections are complete, you will relax for another 5 minutes as Qwo gets to work under your skin. Once we clear you, you will be able to jump back into the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. 


The beauty of Qwo is how fast and easy its procedure and recovery times are. It is typical to experience some soreness and bruising in the injection sites in the few days following your treatment. With each session, bruising and soreness become less noticeable and results appear gradually. 


We recommend three Qwo injections, with three weeks between each session. You’ll see gradual improvements as Qwo releases those fibrous bands and evenly distributes your underlying fat cells. Six weeks after your final session, you will be able to admire your final, smooth results. Patients have reported back to us that their results last for over a year. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

After experiencing the high level of care and quality Dr. Arslanian and his staff are committed to, you might be interested in our other “booty”-ful procedures. 

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are interested in enhancing the appearance of your backside with Qwo, you might also be interested in giving the area a lift. Colloquially coined as a BBL, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has garnered international fame through social media starlets and reality-TV royals. This coveted treatment is excellent at boosting the curves of your buttocks while diminishing less desirable curves around your midsection, thighs, and back. By transferring fat from different areas of the body, Dr. Arslanian can give your buttocks a natural, firm lift using your body’s own fatty tissue – tissue that is responsive to diet and exercise. 

Peach Pop Booty® – Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Do you want to see a natural, noticeable lift to your buttocks without the downtime and requirements that surgery brings? With Dr. Arslanian Peach Pop Booty, you can see an improved shape, added volume, and lift appearance to your butt without any incision. Dr. Arslanian achieves this with the help of Sculptra. Sculptra is a long-lasting filler that triggers the body’s natural collagen production to revitalize volume in the treated area. When injected into your backside, Sculptra increases the collagen production of the area instantly for results that continue gradually over time. In just a few weeks, you will be able to see a bolstered backside that is ready just in time for swimsuit season!

How Much Is Qwo in Atlanta?

The cost of your Qwo treatment will be discussed during your consultation, as other procedures might be added to your treatment plan to achieve your desired results. If you would like us to answer questions about financing options, please give our office a call at (678) 894-9200.


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