implant removal and exchange

Medical science evolves and improves every day. We constantly discover new ways to keep patients happier and healthier.

Breast Implant technology is no exception. Dr. Brian Arslanian prides himself on staying ahead of every new trend and update in his field. He strives to provide his clients with the best care available, and sometimes that requires new approaches to old ideas.

If you are dissatisfied with a previous Breast Implant procedure, Dr. Arslanian can help. Visit one of his conveniently located clinics in the Atlanta, Georgia region. Together, we can strategize the next steps of your aesthetic enhancement evolution

About Breast Implant Removal

While breast implants last a long time, they are not intended to be permanent. The FDA recommends that women refresh their implants with new ones every 10 to 15 years. Some women may wish to exchange their saline implants for silicone models, or to swap their older silicone implants for smoother upgrades due to texture and feel.

breast implant removal

Your style and type of implant completely depend on your personal preferences. Dr. Arslanian is eager to make your vision a reality. If you want your implants removed altogether, this is called an explant procedure. Your breast tissue often forms a capsule of tissue around an implant, and this capsule may remain once the implant is gone.[1] When you want the capsule removed along with the implant, this is known as an en bloc procedure.

Dr. Arslanian will take great care in accomplishing your removal or replacement wishes to help your ideal self emerge. There are two main placement options for your breast implants. Your removal or exchange procedure will depend on how your previous Breast Augmentation was performed.

Submuscular Implants (Under the Pectoral Muscle)

You could opt for your implant to be situated under your chest muscles. Dr. Arslanian prefers this method for several reasons. Submuscular implants push your natural breast tissue forward. This results in a natural look and feel, highlighting your own assets. There is also less rippling when you place an implant under the muscle tissue. 

Subglandular or Subfascial Implants (Over the Pectoral Muscle)

The other choice for implant placement is above the muscle. You may like this option due to the consistency of the silicone or saline in your chosen implant. The texture may feel more pleasing than your own musculature. Also, when you flex your chest, implants positioned over the muscles are less likely to be affected. 

Regardless of which approach you choose to take, Dr. Arslanian wants to grant your cosmetic wishes. He will discuss the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your prior implant procedure and explain ways in which those issues can be resolved. 

Benefits of Implant Removal or Replacement 

Every medical procedure should be about improvement. Whether you hope to feel better, look better, or all of the above, we support you. By removing or replacing implants that no longer suit you, Dr. Arslanian can help enhance your look. When your appearance aligns with your vision, it improves your confidence. This is a win-win scenario; we applaud you for striving to be your best. 

Ideal Candidates for Implant Adjustment

If you received breast implants in the past, you may be a perfect candidate for removal or replacement. Implant aesthetics change from year to year and Dr. Arslanian wants to provide you with the best options available. Our team can outfit you with implants that reflect who you are now and who you want to be in the decades to come. 

Or if you prefer an explant procedure, Dr. Arslanian is ready to remove your unwanted or outdated implants. This may also entail the removal of any capsule that has formed around your implant, which is called an en bloc surgery. En bloc capsulectomy procedures remove the implants and their surrounding scar tissue in one safe, convenient session.

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Preparation for Implant Correction

We encourage you to quit smoking, regardless of the specific procedure you are receiving. Tobacco products constrict your vessels and impact your health in general. Dr. Arslanian will advise you on how to prepare for your surgery.

A loved one must drive you to and from the clinic on the day of your procedure. Please make arrangements before you arrive to be sure you have someone looking after you once you leave our care

Allergan Implant Recall

If you or a loved one received Natrelle Biocell implants, you may have seen their recall notices in the news recently. In rare cases, Biocell products increased patients’ risk for Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL. This condition is highly treatable, so please ask Dr. Arslanian and his team for help with referrals. 

We can perform the removal or replacement of any Biocell implants at our Atlanta or Jonesboro clinics. Your continued health is our greatest priority.


Dr. Arslanian values your perspective above all else. He wants to learn about your desired look so he can strategize the best ways to achieve it. Your procedure will depend on which approach you happen to prefer. We can make a small incision in one of three places to perform your implant replacement or removal.

Inframammary (the Fold Under the Breast)

This method creates a small incision under the area where your breast hangs. We can remove and inspect implants easily using the inframammary method. If you want a replacement implant, we will bypass your milk ducts as we carefully position the new model up through the fold beneath your breast.

Periareolar (the Area Around the Areola) 

Dr. Arslanian can also access your implant area through a small incision around the areola. Areolas are the dark skin surrounding the nipple. By accessing the breast through a periareolar route, your doctor is able to examine an implant capsule directly. 

Axilla (Armpit)

You may have had your implant placed via a small incision under your arm. While this is a great option for the implantation procedure, it may not work for removal. We want to be sure that we safely and effectively address any concerns you may have with the capsule around your former implant. To remove capsule tissue, we may need to access the breast more directly than through your armpit.


Your recovery period depends on your health and the details of your procedure. Some implant removal patients are back to work within three days while others require more than two weeks.

Don’t push yourself. Rest is vital to recovery.

Dr. Arslanian may advise you to perform low impact movements to promote circulation to the chest area. Please follow the doctor’s instructions. Our staff will schedule your follow-up visit, at which point we will make sure you are experiencing a strong recovery and are satisfied with the support you are receiving!


Your individual results will vary depending on the extent of your procedure.[3] In the immediate aftermath of your procedure, you will notice the new structure of your chest. The effects of implant removal or replacement will continue to evolve over the course of the next three to six months. Your new breasts will settle over time and find their natural and comfortable position in relation to the rest of your torso.  

Complementary Procedures 

If you are removing an old implant and its surrounding capsule, you may want to consider a supplemental procedure as well. A Breast Lift could help contour your new bust line and remove any excess skin you may have. The absence of an implant could leave your breast ptotic (saggy), which makes you a great candidate for a Breast Lift.

You may also consider Breast Reconstruction surgery. Once your previous implant is gone, we could explore your options when it comes to a replacement implant. Or if you want to go without implants, we can reconstruct your breast using your own existing tissue. By removing autologous fat from other parts of your body, we can fashion a new breast from this material.


Every procedure requires special attention and unique care. For those reasons, each session has its own cost. If you are concerned about the price of your procedure, we are here to help. Dr. Arslanian offers a variety of payment options, which you can find on his Financing page. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call. Our team is ready and willing to explore your options and opportunities. Money should never stand in the way of quality healthcare. 


Is breast implant removal painful?

You will be given a general anesthetic to make your procedure as gentle and easy as possible. Dr. Arslanian takes your safety and comfort seriously. He will make sure you have comfortable surgery and ideal recovery after your breast implant removal or refresh. and works to maintain the most painless procedures.

How often should I replace my breast implants?

Some new breast implants are designed to last up to 20 years. Your body will change over time and you should consider how your implants will react to these transitions. If you received your implants over 10 years ago and have questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Arslanian soon.

Should saline implants be removed or replaced?

Many patients prefer silicone implants over the saline variety. Your tastes are your own. Please discuss your many options with Dr. Arslanian and his helpful team of experts before deciding upon your preferred style of breast implant.


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