PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) for Hair Loss

You may have searched high and low for the solution to your hair loss issue, but the answer was under your nose the whole time. Or, to be more accurate: it was coursing through your veins. Your plasma could unleash the power of new hair growth with the help of Dr. Brian Arslanian

Nicknamed “Dr. Hotlanta,” this Instagram sensation is a real Georgia peach. Dr. Arslanian has an eye for enhancement and a mind for medical innovation. With convenient locations in Sandy Springs and Jonesboro, Dr. Arslanian proudly serves the greater Atlanta community. To learn how Dr. Hotlanta can heat up your hair growth, contact our offices at your earliest convenience.  

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelets are the unsung hero of the blood. When you get a cut or scrape, you may bleed, but the process only lasts as long as it takes for your blood to clot. The clotting process depends on your platelets. Platelets get their name from their signature shape, which is flattened and round like a dinner plate. These specialized cells form a sticky network at the site of a wound to seal it up.

Platelets communicate with one another chemically. If a damaged blood vessel needs patching up, platelets arrange themselves into a cohesive mesh by linking their extremities together. This process is called adhesion. 

Due to their pivotal roles in healing, platelets have earned a spot on the cutting edge of medical science.

World class athletes have harnessed the power of their own platelets to repair damaged tendons, ligaments and joints for years. By drawing blood and purifying the sample, doctors can isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into a powerful serum. PRP can be injected to the site of an injury to help speed up its healing process for civilians and pro athletes alike. Game on!

How Does PRP Treat Hair Loss?

The concentrated platelets in PRP have applications far beyond sports medicine. Platelets can be used to stimulate the dermal papilla cells found at the base of hair follicles. When properly activated, the follicles produce an increase in beta catenin, the protein responsible for igniting new hair growth.[1] By supporting follicles at their very source, PRP elevates the body’s ability to sprout stunning results. To learn more about the wide array of possibilities presented by platelet-rich plasma, call (678) 894-9200 and ask us anything!

Benefits of Hair Restoration

Hair is an extension of your aesthetic. Style it up, wear it down, and express yourself however you want! But if baldness stunts your cosmetic choices, hair restoration is a fantastic option. For centuries, traditional hair growth schemes left individuals dissatisfied. Wigs, transplants, and magic potions/lotions were all dead ends, but people still put their hope behind them. That is how important hair growth is to us.

But now, we have a bold new vision for hair restoration, and it is spelled PRP. The power of platelets can rally the proverbial troops and amplify one’s ability to grow luscious locks.

Benefits of PRP for Hair Growth:

  • PRP uses your body’s own plasma, so it is natural and reliable
  • By stimulating the follicle at its root levels, PRP treatment is comprehensive
  • Stylistically speaking, growing your own hair looks more flattering than pasting a wig or extensions to your head
  • Sprays and products are uncomfortable, expensive, and fleeting
  • PRP treatment, on the other hand, is long-lasting

Ideal Candidates for PRP Treatment

If you are a healthy resident or visitor to the Atlanta vicinity, then PRP may be the perfect solution for your hair loss predicament. The platelets in your blood need to be plentiful enough to adequately stimulate your follicles. People who are battling cancer – or who have recently fought the disease – may not have enough platelet-rich plasma to effectively undergo PRP treatments. Likewise, anemic individuals and those with an active infection may not qualify for the procedure. To determine if you are a viable candidate for PRP in Atlanta, please contact Dr. Arslanian

Personal Consultation near Atlanta

From the moment you arrive for your individualized consultation, we want to attend to your needs. Tell us about your hair loss concerns, inform us of your medical history, and be ready to ask as many questions as you wish. 

  • What causes hair loss?
  • Where on my head can I expect new growth to occur?
  • How many sessions does PRP require?
  • Is my plasma rich enough in platelets to qualify?

Our trained clinicians are eager to answer any and all of the above queries. Communication is a great first step in any initiative, so we want to open the lines of questions and answers for you. Speaking of communication, you should visit our blog. We often post information, data, and discoveries pertaining to health and wellness in Georgia and beyond. Our blog posts are great conversation starters, so feel free to ask about an article during your time with Dr. Arslanian. 

Preparation for PRP

During your one-on-one consultation, we will create a tailored list of instructions to help you prepare for PRP treatment. These directions may advise you to quit smoking and stop taking certain medications or supplements that impede proper circulation. Plasma health is vital to the success of PRP, so please adhere to Dr. Arslanian’s expertise closely.

The PRP Procedure

The PRP process begins within. The blood in your veins holds the key to new hair growth, so we will need to gently draw a small vial of your plasma. This sample is then placed in a centrifuge, which rapidly spins the blood. The centrifugal forces will separate the plasma into three distinct densities: red blood cells, low-platelet blood, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This last item is the serum upon which your hair restoration strategy hinges. 

Once the platelet-rich essence is isolated from your blood sample, it is loaded into a syringe. Your clinician will then inject your own PRP back into your scalp where your hairline needs the most help. The platelets will adhere to the dermal papilla cells below the surface where new hair growth originates. As mentioned earlier, platelets are expert communicators; they send complex chemical signals to surrounding cells and other platelets to create a vibrant network of subdermal support.

Dr. Arlslanian will monitor your results and recommend the best follow-up procedure.

You may be instructed to complete a course of three sessions over the span of 4-6 weeks to maximize the transformative effects of PRP. Depending on the results, Dr. Arslanian may explore the possibility of building on your success six months after your initial PRP injections. After all, aesthetic improvement is a journey. New hair growth is just the beginning. Where your continued success leads is all up to you!

Recovery and Results

The PRP approach to hair restoration is a relatively young scientific endeavor. Initial studies have proven wildly successful in stimulating growth from the roots to the tips, with triumphant results.[2] Dr. Arslanian is a big fan of medical data, but he also strives for patient satisfaction. Numbers are only one element of the hair restoration equation; the human experience is the big picture. To get a better idea of how happy and healthy our previous patients have been with Dr. Arslanian’s work, check out our glowing reviews

Cost of Hair Restoration in Atlanta

A price tag should never prohibit your aesthetic evolution. If PRP is the ideal solution for your hair growth needs, then Dr. Arslanian wants to provide you the best service at the right cost. To learn how we can work within your budget, please visit our financing page. Our team works with various credit organizations, so new hair growth can be as attainable as it is affordable. We also run occasional specials, so check back often to stay connected with the Atlanta enhancement scene!


Does PRP therapy work?

Healthcare and wellness are not “one size fits all” endeavors. What works for one patient may be all wrong for another. If your plasma contains enough platelets to prompt new hair growth, then PRP may be the miracle solution for you. The only way to know which direction to follow is to start at square one: contact Dr. Arslanian today!

How long do PRP injections last?

The chain reaction triggered by a PRP treatment may last for years. New hair growth can stimulate continued vibrance, creating a win-win of aesthetic wonder. Some patients may require a secondary treatment sequence approximately six months after their initial PRP injections to amplify their results. Please call (678) 894-9200 to learn how platelet-rich plasma can restore your luster and improve your look.


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