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Just do it ladies!

5.0 stars - Written on July 28, 2020
After meeting with two other surgeons, I chose DrHotlanta® to perform my BBL. Going into my consult, he immediately made me feel comfortable. I felt confident that he was going to give me just the little booty pop I wanted! His bedside manner is terrific, and you can tell he really cares for his patients. Even after my surgery, he and Megan, both responded within the hour with any question that I had. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Just do it ladies!


I 100% recommend this amazing group of people!

5.0 stars - Written on July 28, 2020

I underwent breast augmentation surgery with DrHotlanta® and his team in May of 2020. From the first interaction with his team, I felt supported, informed, and motivated to make my dreams a reality. The doctor himself listened carefully to my needs, and was a breeze to work with. I could not be happier with my results! I 100% recommend this amazing group of people!


best decision EVER

5.0 stars - Written on July 28, 2020

Going to DrHotlanta® has been the ! He has given me the curves I have always wanted. I’ve never been more confident in my life. Thanks Dr. Arslanian! You and Megan have made this process a breeze. Thank you, for the new ME!


He is the BEST

5.0 stars - Written on July 28, 2020

Absolutely in LOVE with my new boobs!! They were worth traveling 2 hours for! I will definitely be recommending DrtHotlanta® to all my friends. , and his staff goes above and beyond!!”


I love the results I got from Dr. Arslanian!

5.0 stars - Written on November 18, 2019

I am 33 years old and the happiest I’ve ever been with my new figure! It’s only been 6 weeks since my 360-lipo and BBL, and I love the results! I’m very grateful with Dr. Arslanian and his team for my procedure.

I’m 5’-2” and usually maintained my weight under 135 lbs. Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle was not getting me the results I wanted. That layer of stubborn fat around my waist needed a more aggressive solution. In the course of 30 days, I visited 4 plastic surgeons, and heard about CoolSculpting, laser lipo, AirSculpt, and tons of other procedures. In one of those visits, I heard about “Dr.HotAtlanta.” I did some research and came to find out he was in my top-10 list, but he required a $50 consultation fee and his first available appointment was 45 days out. So, I said to myself: “He must be good!”

When I finally met and talked to Dr. Arslanian, I loved his honesty! He was the only one to tell me I had enough fat to consider a fat transfer to my butt. For over a month, I had been asking doctors for their best recommendations, and no one had ever mentioned a BBL. I understand that at first, I was considering a solution for the stubborn fat around my waist, but Dr. Arslanian was the first and only one to look at my body holistically. He wasn’t just looking at my belly, he looked at my whole body, and gave me his best opinion. That day I decided that a 360-Lipo and a BBL was what I needed, and I finally had found my surgeon.


A complete brazilian butt lift transformation with Dr. Ar-SLAY-nian

5.0 stars - Written on May 20, 2019

Once I got into my 30’s it was as if my figure exited stage left. I had gotten to the point where my clothing, especially my dresses were no longer flattering and I felt most comfortable in my sweats. I decided I wanted to do something beyond just the exercising I’d been doing because although I’ve been able to slim down, my stomach wasn’t slimming down as fast as the rest of my body would; it was stubborn and holding on for dear life. I made the determination that I’d do the BBL. During my research, I found Dr. A. I saw his credentials and his work, they both were IMPECCABLE. Not only is he double board certified but he’s attended some of the top schools. I talked to him about what I wanted to achieve and he let me know what we could accomplish.

I hadn’t ever had a surgical procedure before and was frightened at the thought of being put to sleep but he and his coordinator Megan assured me that I would be ok, and indeed I was. Dr. A and his staff are extremely nice and attentive. His coordinator Megan is the absolute BEST, I love her, she has gone above and beyond for me from the very beginning. Heather is also a sweetheart, her beautiful accent will just warm your soul when you speak to her. I’m still in my recovery stage and I’m looking FANTASTIC!!!!! With me looking this good already, I can’t wait to see what I look like once I’m fully healed.

I definitely made the right choice by going to Dr. A. I now refer to him as Dr. ArSLAYnian because he was SLAY your figure ladies and have your waist snatched!!!!


Would not hesitate to recommend him again.

5.0 stars - Written on April 10, 2017

I am so pleased with the results of my breast augmentation. Dr. Arslanian and his staff made the whole process so easy and straightforward. Would not hesitate to recommend him again.


Great on all aspects of plastic surgery!

5.0 stars - Written on March 20, 2017

I would recommend this practice to anyone who is unsure and would like a comprehensive plan. Great on all aspects of plastic surgery!


Look no further

5.0 stars - Written on March 14, 2017

If you are looking for someone who actually cares about injecting your botox, then look no further. Dr. A spent nearly 45 minutes with me to explain all the risks and benefits of Botox and multiple other treatments. Never tried to talk me into anything I did not want to pay for. No nurse injectors here!


Couldn’t be happier with the results

5.0 stars - Written on February 22, 2017

I had seen a few other plastic surgeons in consultation for my mommy makeover. Dr. Arslanian was not the youngest or the oldest. He was the cheapest or the most expensive. He was “just right”. I felt comfortable and at ease discussing my concerns, and couldn’t be happier with the results. A++



5.0 stars - Written on January 16, 2017

I was so nervous about taking the plunge with a facelift, but I knew it was time. After years of spending money on Botox and Fillers……there is only so much they can do. I wont lie… was a couple weeks of being in hiding….but Dr. A prepared me for that. Now I am so happy. He promised to not make me look “ over done” like I have seen with so many of the women I know. I feel refreshed and younger and so glad I pulled the trigger on this surgery. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Best Injector I have met in Atlanta

5.0 stars - Written on December 11, 2016

Best Injector I have met in Atlanta, HANDS DOWN! Patient, kind, and willing to listen to your concerns.


My breasts look so good

5.0 stars - Written on November 27, 2016

Dr. Arslanian did my breast reduction. I suffered for years with back, shoulder pain. Most of the surgeons I went to did not want to accept my insurance. Dr. Arslanian seemed different. Even though I was not a “paying cosmetic patient”, he treated me like one. He was always available by email or phone for questions and concerns. I am so satisfied not only with the relief of my neck pain, but my breasts look so good. I can finally see my nipples again Hahaha.


So happy with my result and the whole process.

5.0 stars - Written on October 3, 2016

My new set of 34 Full C’s give him two thumbs up! So happy with my result and the whole process.


I will be going back for sure.

5.0 stars - Written on September 9, 2016

I did my research and found Dr. A on Real Self and decided to meet with him based on all his great reviews. I sort of didn’t believe that he could be as great as the reviews said he was, but I was proven wrong. I felt so bad because I had so many questions and kept him so long. I am sure I slowed down his clinic, but he never tried to rush me along and never tried to oversell. I will be going back for sure.


Dont go anywhere else! You will not regret it.

5.0 stars - Written on August 13, 2016

Dont go anywhere else! You will not regret it. Amazing staff, beautiful office, and great customer service


My eye lift went so well and was so easy.

5.0 stars - Written on July 1, 2016

God, my eyes used to look so tired and angry. Being in sales, I cant afford to meet my customers looking like Ms. Grumpy Pants. My eye lift went so well and was so easy. A little swollen for a week or two, but now I just feel so much better. Its amazing what a big impact a small little surgery can do for your self esteem.


Great customer service!

5.0 stars - Written on June 6, 2016

Great customer service! Willing to go the extra mile!



5.0 stars - Written on May 21, 2016

A great place to go to feel like the best possible you! #repeatpatient


Great practice!

5.0 stars - Written on April 19, 2016

Dr. A will listen and take extra time to ensure you are comfortable and have all your questions answered. Great practice!


So happy with the new me

5.0 stars - Written on February 10, 2016

Breast Implants/Lift/Tummy tuck Experience was 5 star from beginning to end. I found Dr. A through RealSelf and saw so many great reviews, I figured I would see for myself. I went in for a Breast Augmentation consult. After talking with Dr. A I found myself very much at ease. He spent nearly an hour with me answering all my questions. Did not feel rushed. I thought I just needed implants…


#1 Breast Surgeon

5.0 stars - Written on January 7, 2016

I had a amazing experience with Dr. Arslanian, his office and staff. The whole experience was so easy. I had a breast augmentation and was super nervous about the whole thing. I had seen several other surgeons. Some were less expensive, and some had fancier offices, but something just didn’t “click”. With Dr. A I just felt at ease. He spent so much time with me to answer all my questions…


Simply an amazing doctor with talent and skills unparalleled

5.0 stars - Written on December 9, 2015

Simply an amazing doctor with talent and skills unparalleled. He has an excellent bedside manner and is both professionally and personally kind and reassuring to those in his care. As a nurse I can cay he is one of the best I have encountered in many years of healthcare. Thanks for all you do doc!!


Very professional and I would highly recommend him

5.0 stars - Written on November 18, 2015

I was referred to Dr. Arslanian by a friend. The procedure that I had was for filler and Botox. The doctor was very professional and knowledgeable. He listened to what I said and asked very good questions to determine the best procedures to recommend. He did an excellent job and I was extremely pleased with the results. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him.


Dr. Arslanian is just awesome!

5.0 stars - Written on October 27, 2015

Dr. Arslanian is just awesome! He really takes the time to explain what the outcome of the procedure will be, in regards to where he places the botox. I did more my 2nd visit than the first and I’m happy I tried it! It’s funny what you don’t think will make a big difference, but does. Dr. A and his staff aren’t pushy at all- they are welcoming and calm and want to make sure you are comfortable with everything. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the time he has taken to teach me the where and why and how of botox. My eyes are so much bigger and brighter and I truly have Dr. A to thank for it…and, my forehead- WHOA. Such a huge difference- it’s absolutely smooth, which is amazing after all the wrinkling I had. I won’t trust anyone else going forward with my botox. He really is an artist and strives for the absolute best results he can get.


He and his staff are very kind, helpful and professional

5.0 stars - Written on September 16, 2015

I like the fact that Dr. Arslanian took time to explain all of my options and completely answer my questions. He made me feel very comfortable. He and his staff are very kind, helpful and professional.


Dr. Arslanian has a great bedside manner and very personable

5.0 stars - Written on August 2, 2015

Dr. Arslanian has a great bedside manner and very personable. Even thought my procedure didn’t involve any sensitive areas, I knew I would feel comfortable with him and his staff if I were to choose other procedures in the future. He was very honest about the procedure and what to expect.


I highly recommend him!

5.0 stars - Written on July 12, 2015

I love Dr Arslanian. He took his time discussing the areas I wanted treated and explained options. I have bruised in the past with injections and his were painless and I have no bruising. His staff is friendly and enthusiastic and the office is beautiful. I highly recommend him!


Would recommend him to anyone

5.0 stars - Written on June 29, 2015

Dr. Arslanian was great. I have reviewed him before. just like with the Botox, he took his time explaining the pros and cons of fillers. The experience was comfortable with my pain maybe a 2 out of 10 using the numbing cream. I had just a little bit of bruising at the corner of the mouth but it resolved in a couple days. Would recommend him to anyone and will continue getting my treatments there.


Would recommend in a heartbeat.

5.0 stars - Written on February 22, 2015

Dr. Arslanian performed the procedure himself, which I really like. Its nice knowing the plastic surgeon, himself, is taking the time to do his own injections rather a nurse practitioner or injector. His bedside manner was great, and made me feel comfortable. I had never done Botox and was nervous, but he spent a good 30 minutes going over everything before I ever saw a needle. Would recommend in a heartbeat.