Great skin care is one of the most powerful tools you have to combat the effects of aging. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and the only one exposed to the elements 365 days a year. Your skin is your body’s first defense against sickness and keeps your internal workings safe.

It is composed of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis layer so as to keep your body extra safe. The epidermis is the layer of skin you see and the dermal layer is just below it, working to keep the outer layer healthy. At Arslanian Plastic Surgery, we offer everything you need in order to treat, heal, and maintain that beautiful, youthful look that we all hope to keep for years to come.

About Skin Care

Taking care of your skin means using quality products that will protect and benefit your skin. At Arslanian Plastic Surgery, we take skin care seriously and will help you achieve glowing, smooth skin for as long as possible. We are excited to offer the best skin care product line for our patients!

A healthy skin care routine should be performed alongside a healthy lifestyle. All of our bodies systems are connected, what we eat will directly benefit or harm our skin. Eating lots of fruits and veggies is good for your health and all the nutrients will improve your skin. Alongside a healthy diet, an active lifestyle will improve the function of your skin. Working out is healthy for your body’s function.

Eat healthily and stay active to maintain healthy skin. Alongside a beneficial lifestyle, a healthy skin care routine is your best step towards looking young and rejuvenated for a long time.

Skin Care for Sun Damage

Ultraviolet rays are the main contributing factor to aged, wrinkled skin. The best way to protect your skin is to apply sunscreen every day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunny day or cloudy day,
UV rays can still break through the atmosphere and damage your skin.

A high-level SPF applied daily will help protect your skin. There are many sunscreens that are dermatologist approved for different skin types. Not only will sunscreen protect your skin and keep it looking young, but it is also a good base for makeup to keep your skin hydrated. The primary way to improve sun-damaged skin is to strengthen the skin with quality products that improve the skin’s health and enable it to defend its cells.

Alongside sunscreen, quality products like the ISDINCEUTICS skin care products will moisturize and repair your skin daily. Skin health is very important to ensure your body stays healthy and at Arslanian Plastic Surgery our goal is to set you up with long-lasting solutions to your skin concerns. That’s why we offer the best skin care products!

ISDIN Skin Care Products

We are pleased to now offer five ISDINceutics skin care products, including:

Night Peel

Facial solution in ampoules with a combination of alpha-hydroxy acids that provides a peeling effect, renewing the texture of the skin and attenuating imperfections and expression lines.

Pigment Expert

Facial solution in ampoules with a powerful combination of depigmenting compounds that correct imperfections, reducing the size and number of dark spots to achieve an even tone.

Uradin Lotion

This professional-quality lotion will moisturize your skin and help it defend against UV rays. This is a great treatment for dry or super dry skin. With hyaluronic acid, your skin will remain hydrated and smooth for up to twenty-four hours. For immediate, long-lasting moisture, Uradin lotion will provide your best results. This lotion can be applied all over the body to relieve tight, dry skin. Hydrating your skin is a big step in keeping it healthy and youthful. For your best anti aging cream and hydrating solution, this product will serve your needs.

Micellar Solution

If you are looking for a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt, makeup, and waterproof products all while benefiting your skin and improving its natural barrier; Micellar Solution is your answer! This cleanser will keep your skin clean and hydrated without being abrasive. This safe daily cleanser will keep your skin healthy without stripping it of its natural oils. This cleanser can be applied all over the face and does not need to be rinsed off. It is also hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. This facial cleanser will remove products and dirt without damaging your skin!

K-Ox Eye Cream

If your eyes always look tired, this serum is your perfect solution! K-Ox will work against undereye bags, puffiness, crow´s feet, and dark circles. This treatment will brighten your face and help you look refreshed. Many patients see a noticeable improvement in just 28 days. K-Ox will firm the undereye skin and help you appear hydrated with smooth skin. For your best wrinkle cream, K-Ox is your best solution! Contact us today if you are interested in this impressive, anti-aging eye cream!

Mineral Brush

This brush has tightly-packed bristles to help in the application of makeup. Applying with circular movements will help evenly smooth out makeup and make you look your best for the day! This brush is a great addition to anyone’s makeup kit!

Flavo-C Ultraclican Ampoules

This revolutionary serum is comprised of Vitamin C, Proteoglycans, Pre-Proteoglycans, and Hyaluronic Acid. This potent formula will reduce the visibility of fine lines and return a healthy, hydrated glow to your face. This serum is packaged in glass ampules to prevent oxidation and preserve the ingredients.

The Vitamin C in the Flavo-C Ultraclican Ampoules will boost the health of your skin, reducing free radicals and helping your skin maintain a healthy tone. It will also assist in antioxidant protection and keep your skin safe from damaging UV rays.

UV rays break down skin cells and are the main contributing factoring to aging. Vitamin C, on the other hand, assists in the creation of collagen and will help heal and repair your skin. This skin care product will help heal and protect your skin throughout the day. For impressive, youthful results, try Flavo-C Ultraclican Ampoules!


Melaclear is a concentrated serum of Vitamin C and Phytic Acid proven to reduce dark spots. This anti-oxidant serum will brighten and even your skin tone. Melaclear is safe for all skin types and excellent to use day or night!


These products will improve the health of your skin and help restore a glowing, smooth surface. These skincare solutions are great for most skin types, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin these products are gentle and will improve its quality. ISDINCEUTICS are a great addition to your daily skincare routine! Each day that you apply these products you will be improving your skin and working against pesky lines and wrinkles. If you are looking for quality products that make a difference, ISDIN products are an excellent solution!


These products are great for men and women who are looking to reduce wrinkles and regain an even, lustrous skin tone. These products will enhance your skincare routine. If you are interested in taking your skin care to new heights and fighting against aging signs on a daily basis, schedule a consultation with us today!

Consult with Atlanta Skin Care Experts

You will also be able to learn about the other treatments we offer that will improve the quality of your skin during your consultation.

You will have the opportunity to meet with one of our skincare specialists to discuss the product or products you are interested in. They will analyze your skin and determine which products offer your best outcome. We will answer any questions you have about your ideal skincare routine. A treatment plan will be made for you and the ISDINCEUTICS products that will offer the best solution can be purchased.


You should notice a difference in the feel and appearance of your skin after a few weeks of usage. The results of each patient will vary based on the condition of their skin and what they are trying to accomplish.

Cost of Professional Skin Care Atlanta

The price of each product is different. If you are interested in learning more about these impressive products call our office to learn more or schedule a consultation at (678) 894-9200.


Is ISDIN prescription only?

Some of the ISDIN products are prescription only and will require a consultation with one of our staff members. These products have strong ingredients that will make a difference in your skin!

Are ISDIN products safe?

Yes, but if you have known allergies, you should review the ingredients. We always encourage an allergy test to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Before applying the product to your face or any other area, choose a certain location (like your forearm) to apply a small amount. Wait twenty-four hours to see how the product reacts. If there is no negative reaction then you are ready to test the product on your face or other areas.

How do I purchase ISDIN skin care products?

You can purchase these products at our office. Schedule a meeting with one of our skin care specialists. They will assess your skin and determine if the products will provide the results you want. We will work with you to achieve your ideal, glowing skin.

What is ISDIN skin care used for?

ISDIN skin care is used for many different skin concerns. The primary benefit of these products is hydration and wrinkle reduction. If you are looking for a daily treatment to combat your aging concerns, ISDIN products will provide that benefit.